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Watch face: Hublot’s Big Bang theory

Debonair catches up with David Tedeschi, Middle East & Africa director at Hublot, the brand known for its Big Bang timepieces

The Hublot Big Bang Unico is my favourite model for many reasons – mainly that I participated in the development and industrialisation of our Unico chronograph movement.

I became interested in the watch industry because… of my father. He passed on this passion to me from an early age, and I grew up observing every brand in the watchmaking industry. I have a passion for mechanics, so it was only natural that I went into this field.

As regional director, my most unbelievable find has been… to discover a region and culture that I didn’t know before. I have always had a passion for travel and history, and while we don’t always have the time to visit the places we travel to for work, it’s good to be immersed in their atmosphere.

The timepiece I currently feel most connected to is… the Hublot Big Bang Unico. This is my favourite model for many reasons — mainly that I participated in the development and industrialisation of our Unico chronograph movement, which I am particularly proud of.

The first watch I ever received was… a Swatch chronograph when I was 3 years old.

I think the watch industry and high-end luxury is… a small world filled with creativity and innovation.

The greatest development I’ve seen from my brand, historical or modern is… when we became a manufacture, back in 2009, and when we released our first model equipped with our Unico movement.

The Hublot Big Bang Unico is my favourite model for many reasons – mainly that I participated in the development and industrialisation of our Unico chronograph movement.

An object from outside the industry that has an important effect on my work is… my iPhone, with which I stay connected 24/7,
365 days a year, and which is vital to the smooth running of my activities.

On my desk you’ll always find… my MacBook Pro, an internal phone and a catalogue of our entire collection.

My favourite aspect of my company is… that we’re always trying to be first, different and unique in everything we do. Hublot is the fusion between the tradition of Swiss watchmaking and artistic visionary ideas that take the brand to the future.

The last gift I received from someone in the industry was… an authentic Pele jersey signed by the man himself. Being a very big football fan, it’s an object that I particularly cherish.

I think the Middle East market… has great potential. Indeed, we are constantly working on the brand by always being innovative in what we do, whether in terms of retail or marketing, while respecting the habits and traditions of the region.

Watch journalism is important because… as with all other types of journalism, it is important for the transmission of our values. It also allows us to always be informed of what is going on elsewhere.

If you had a time machine, is there a period of watchmaking you would change, and how? I would not have used a time machine to change something, but rather to witness some of the great changes that have come to the world of watchmaking. These changes have made watchmaking what it is today.

You have a dinner party and can invite any masters of the watchmaking industry past or present, who would you invite? I would invite two people  — Jean-Claude Biver, a mentor for me personally and a revolutionary in the history of watchmaking, and Ricardo Guadalupe, also a mentor and someone who has always guided me and given me the best advice to allow me to progress in my career.

How do you unwind outside of work? Seeing my two best friends is always very important to me, because having someone you can always count on is priceless and having two is even more amazing. Also, playing golf is one of my new hobbies; it allows me to disconnect completely from reality and totally focus on something else.

The advent of digitisation in the industry… is inevitable. It pushes us to constantly be challenged, be more innovative and to adapt to tomorrow.

If I didn’t work in the watch industry I would… work in fields I’m passionate about, such as art or music.

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