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Sennheiser Ambeo Smart takes immersive sound to the next level

It brings 3D audio recording to your fingertips, so you can record sound as you actually hear it

What’s great is that the 3D sound you record on the Ambeo Smart can be heard and experienced with any headphones.

Sound matters, and how you record it is of immeasurable import. Filmmakers have long used the power of audio to manipulate audiences with everything from atmospheric sound to music intended to elicit a specific emotional response, and sound engineers have held onto the secrets of their craft since the dawn of the medium.

Not any more.

The democratisation of art through technology is finally knocking on audio’s door in the same way it came calling to video over the past decade. If smartphones made the Average Joe a filmmaker, Sennheiser’s new Ambeo Smart headset completes that experience. The German audio specialist delivers 3D audio recording in the innovative new product that combines its expertise with microphones and headphones.

The result is an elevated recording experience. The concept is pretty simple: While most devices record sound on a single channel, our hearing works on two channels.

What’s great is that the 3D sound you record on the Ambeo Smart can be heard and experienced with any headphones.

Sennheiser replicates this by placing a high-quality microphone on each earpiece of the headphones to achieve binaural recording, and an Apogee converter then creates a 3D stereo sound sensation. It captures the distance and spatial quality, and records audio in the direction you’re filming. Upon playback, this immersive recording places the listener in the recording environment — so you actually experience the moment as it occurred.

You hear the sound from where it originates — from the left or right; in front of you or behind you; near or far — in the same way your brain mixes sound when you hear it live.

So if — for instance — a car moves from left to right, you actually hear it as such.

What’s great is that the 3D sound you record on the Ambeo Smart can be heard and experienced with any headphones. Now, whether your video is destined to lie forgotten until you delete it to free up space, or will be shared with friends and family, or even posted for the world to experience, you know the soundscape will sound exactly as you hear it. While the mic is the star of the show, the Ambeo Smart is also a high-quality pair of headphones in its own right, featuring the signature Sennheiser sound.

The Transparent Hearing feature allows you to stay aware of your surroundings while you media plays, while Active Noise Cancelling blocks out unwanted environmental noise.

There’s also a Situational Awareness control, so you can switch between them easily. Sennheiser showcases the Ambeo Smart’s abilities with the 3D audio thriller Final Stop.

Filmed on an iPhone, it illustrates how delicately this gadget records everything from atmospheric sounds to music, and inspires us to be more adventurous with the equipment now available to us.

The Sennheiser Ambeo Smart headset takes your videos from the period of silent films into the talkies of the modern era.

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