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B&O updates its Beoplay H4 headphones with a new colour palette

Inspired by the ocean, Bang & Olufsen’s SS18 collection strikes a calm and peaceful tone

Practical and stylish, you can take Bang’s bad boys around the world with you.

Fashion is life, some would say. It informs every aspect of our lives, expanding beyond what we wear to how we live, commute and even eat. And it’s been interesting to see the tech industry get in on the game.

Bang & Olufsen, long known as industry leaders in sound technology, has achieved that while producing products that are visually striking. Last month the tech giant unveiled new colour schemes for two portable speakers and one of its headphones, the Beoplay H4. Inspired by the ocean, the SS18 collection strikes a calm and peaceful tone, with the headphones now available in Aloe — “a light, natural green shade resembling a fresh ocean crest” — and Steel Blue, “a dark turquoise shade, just like the ocean at night”.

Practical and stylish, you can take Bang’s bad boys around the world with you.

In keeping with the nautical theme of the collection, the new range was launched aboard a yacht cruising in the Dubai Marina. But these wireless headphones make the transition to other modes of transport effortlessly. I recently tried them on a nine-hour flight, and found them great for travelling. Weighing only 235g, they’re barely perceptible whether they’re on your ears or hanging around your neck. 

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Richard James

Teal Cotton Drill shorts
AED 800.00


Q82 Short Sleeve Crew Neck White
AED 249.00


Primo Flamma
AED 1,400.00

Bennett Winch

AED 1,900.00

The Jakob Wagner-designed headphones fit over your ear, so you can step outside the world and be immersed in the signature sound quality that’s B&O’s bread and butter, one that stays true to the source material. The premium materials (lambskin leather, aluminium, stainless steel and braided textile cord) add a softness to the structurally sound unit that means you’re comfortable wearing them for hours on end. This is an important element, since it offers 19 hours of playback with Bluetooth, and a cord for when you run out of juice. 

I found the three-button on-device controls on the right ear cup both practical and intuitive, even when making or receiving phone calls — although, and here’s a serious piece of life advise: nobody should walk around an airport talking to themselves while wearing headphones.

Practical and stylish, you can take Bang’s bad boys around the world with you. And with the new colour palette, you can add a subtle edge to your look. 

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