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Spruce up your wardrobe while the year is still fresh

The new year is the perfect time to reassess your look and wardrobe

Let the world know you mean business this year.

I recently read an article by a UK blogger who was discussing the topic of New Year — new wardrobe, which I found very interesting. For him, 2018 had been a “not so great year”. He had been struggling with various health issues and ended the year feeling like the rug had been snatched from under him.

Said blogger was now using the start of 2019 to take a more optimistic outlook on all aspects of his life, including his appearance and wardrobe.

I subscribe to this thinking: How you feel on the inside reflects how you look on the outside, and vice versa.

Whether you had a fantastic or not-too-stellar 2018, the start of a new year is the perfect time to clear your mind and your wardrobe, and start afresh.

Now, I’m not suggesting you go chuck every item of clothing you own and rebuild your wardrobe from scratch but now is a good time to look at the pieces you own and assess what you wear most often and how you wear it.

I always see a surge from my clients in bulk orders for crisp new shirts at this time of year. It’s almost like the tailoring metaphor for a new beginning — fresh, clean, crisp and always white. Investing in new shirts is an easy way to spruce up your wardrobe, and it can breathe new life into a suit you may have had for some time.

This season will see some very cool new trends emerging. One standout at the big fashion week presentations for SS19 is the tonal combination of white and cream, pushed by the likes of Kim Jones at Dior and Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton. I’d recommend pairing a cream linen suit with a crisp white shirt for a nod to the trend. It would be great for this region and the climate heading towards April and May, and can be pulled off without looking too much.

Double-breasted is the suiting shape of the season. We’re not talking tightly tailored, body-con DBS — the kind that was big news in 2015 — but rather big, baggy, super-fluid suits with plenty of room for the turkey belly you accumulated over the holidays. The best thing about these double-breasted suits is that they’re best worn open. This trend is probably more suited to the more sartorially adventurous but the more refined gent can still opt for a well-crafted and cut DB in a seasonal colour, which can be worn as part of a suit or on its own with dark denim and solid brogues.

The new year often encourages us to set new goals for ourselves in the workplace, and we normally start the year full of vigour and determination, which is where feeling good and looking good really comes into play. Going into the year in a fresh, well-tailored suit will make you not only look good, but feel good too. This will up your confidence, which normally results in an increase in productivity and improved success. So let the world know you mean business this year.

The writer is the brand manager at Ascots & Chapels

Let the world know you mean business this year.

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