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How to turn your property into a luxury Airbnb unit

The revolutionary hospitality app offers you the chance to turn your home into a luxury rental unit for well-paying travellers from across the globe

Turning your property into a ‘luxury’ property doesn’t have to be overly expensive. There is no need to overspend. The best way to style is to mix and match inexpensive items with ‘luxury’ pieces.

Airbnb is a fast growing unicorn. It is not anymore just about the ‘affordable’ or ‘cheap’ accommodation. Airbnb has expanded way beyond that. You can rent gorgeous villas, secluded and unique properties or even castles! In fact Airbnb has expanded into this space officially through their newest ventures: Airbnb Plus and Beyond by Airbnb – launched in 2018.

So how do you turn your own pad into a luxury Airbnb and reap the benefits?

Luxury properties perform up to 50 per cent better than non-luxury properties, according to figures released by Airbnb last year. And this has everything to do with perception and amenities. As with all luxury items, you must convince your guests that it is worth spending more on your property.

Airbnb in Dubai

As an important aside, setting your property up for Airbnb use in the UAE comes with certain rules and laws. Listing a property on Airbnb requires you to get a permit from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). Full a full breakdown of the steps you need to take to legally cover yourself, you click on to the website here.

#1. Invest in key luxury pieces

Turning your property into a luxury property doesn’t have to be overly expensive. There is no need to overspend. The best way to style is to mix and match inexpensive items with luxury pieces.

These statement pieces need to be visible in the photos and give the impression that every item could be just as expensive. Look into buying design pieces that guests can easily place in their minds. Don’t go overboard — a chair here, an art piece there; anything visual that would elevate our property above the rest.

Turning your property into a ‘luxury’ property doesn’t have to be overly expensive. There is no need to overspend. The best way to style is to mix and match inexpensive items with ‘luxury’ pieces.

Luxury traveller

Duke + Dexter

Tobacco Tassel-Brown
AED 1,200.00

Bennett Winch

AED 2,200.00

Czech & Speake

Oxford & Cambridge Travel Shave Set
AED 675.00

Thomas Royall

St lucia ‘luca’ shorts
AED 425.00

Hook LDN

Supersonic black
AED 650.00

#2. Upgrade your sheets and towels

A guest looking to spend above average expects hotel quality linens and towels. Don’t go cheap here, as that is one of the first things that a guest notices. Invest in luxury sheets and towels that can be comparable to a 5* hotel. Same goes for the quality of your pillows and duvets.

#3. Upgrade your tech

Invest in a good Nespresso machine. Have a great sound system. Get AppleTV. Provide a free Netflix account. All these extras – deemed ‘expensive’ by your guests – will automatically upgrade your property. Guests will love the perks and feel like the property was worth their investment.

#4. Provide extras on arrival

All people love freebies, especially those who feel they paid for it. Make sure that on arrival, guests have waters, coffees, teas or some breakfast items.

Provide free and luxurious amenities such as shampoo, conditioners and mini soaps. Leave a personalised note. Not only will this upgrade your property, but it will guarantee those precious 5* reviews and your easiest way of marketing yourself on the app.

#5. Be available and provide extra services

Be available for your guests so they feel truly taken care of. Give suggestions on top restaurants or Dubai destinations.

Help with reservations: nothing says luxury like having events and dates set up for you.

Give some local pointers to your guests so they don’t feel isolated and like they know the lay of the land: bars, restaurants, hotspots, transport, etc. This will also make your property seem as though everything they need is within reach, scoring it high on location and setting — a key aspect of any property that travellers actively seek out.

If they need an airport pick-up, be ready to arrange it. All these extras and going above and beyond – is what separates a luxury experience from a basic one.

The writer is the founder of Frank Porter, an “honest concierge” app that manages private homes and properties that are available to book and rent on leading booking channels.

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