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PORTRAITS: Like father, like son

This Father’s Day today, we peek into the family albums of some of our favourite fathers and sons who have graced the world with their filial style and charisma

It is a wise father that knows his own child - William Shakespeare

The man who brought you into the world is the man you want to ultimately want to be and be with as you grow. Whether absent or ever-present, the father figure is one that we internalise in our minds during our formative years, deify during our business years and eventually immortalise in the autumn of our years.

Whether they loom large as a shadow over the mind of a young pretender, as the usurped King of Denmark in Hamlet, or whether they're our day-to-day best bud, guru and life coach, the power and influence of our XY chromosome donator is inescapable; even if you wish to “deny thy father and refuse thy name,” as some rash star-crossed lover once implored.

As the world celebrates the cape-less male heroes out there for Father’s Day, we flick through the sepia-toned celebrity father and son album and pick up some dad-style tips along the way. 

It is a wise father that knows his own child - William Shakespeare

DJ Khaled & Asahd

Being the son of the American record  producer has its advantages: Gucci suits, Jordan pumps, that $100,000 watch he was bought for his 1st birthday, and getting work experience in the production studio at just 14 months. If it wasn’t already, Asahd’s life is going to be one roller-coaster of a famous ride from here on in.

Grooming Essentials

Mr Natty

Emergency flair- Beard (flairbeard)
AED 150.00


Fort Greene shaving oil 1 oz.
AED 145.00

Mr Natty

Beard Brush (Beard brush)
AED 85.00


Anchor Beard Oil 1 oz.
AED 145.00

Will & Jaden Smith

There aren’t many who can go toe-to-toe with Will Smith for style and charisma. It’s just as well, then, that one who can match up to the man who’s played The Fresh Prince, Ali and Bagger Vance is his own son. Jaden’s got all of his dad’s easy effortless style with the same boyish charm that the world adored about Will’s breakout role on Bel Air. 

Shoes to match


TSUGI Jun Puma White-Puma White
AED 590.00


TSUGI Netfit HAN Asphalt
AED 630.00


SF Suede LS Moonless Night-Moonless Nigh
AED 695.00


Sneaker 3
AED 650.00

Julio & Enrique Iglesias

Singing, song-writing and devilish good looks run in the Iglesias family. Both Julio and Enrique have crooned their way into the hearts of many over the years. Many, but not always each other’s. Father and son have spent many years effectively estranged from each other, with some reports even stating that Julio has never met Enrique’s long-term partner Anna Kournikova. But, hey, if there’s anything Father’s Day can be good for, it’s reconciliation. Let’s hope the men in the Iglesias familia can recall the earlier years (as above)

Buckle Up

Elliot Rhodes

Unlined Calves Leather Belt
AED 575.00

Elliot Rhodes

Smooth Calves Leather belt- Brown
AED 575.00

Elliot Rhodes

Mock Croc Calves Leather Belt- Brown
AED 575.00

Elliot Rhodes

Suede Calves Leather Belt-Tan
AED 575.00

Donald & Kiefer Sutherland

Despite working on nearly 300 films between them, the Sutherlands had never worked together until they teamed up for Forsaken in 2016, a film about a talented son trying to emulate the high expectations of a strong father — sounds like it was written for them. “He’s someone that I’ve wanted to work with my whole career,” Kiefer said of his father. Luckily for the 24 star, that apple didn’t fall far from the family tree.

Family Barbecue

Sky Blue Lightweight Cotton/Cashmere Short Sleeve Polo
AED 450.00

Mocha Salt

Linen Shorts Sand
AED 550.00


Short Sleeve Riviera Polo Navy
AED 327.00

Frescobol Carioca

Trunks Tailored Long Leme Blue
AED 730.00

James & Josh Brolin

It would be tempting to say that there’s been few more distinctive Hollywood jawlines than James Brolin’s. But then Josh came along and sharpened and refined the Brolin jawline even further. After James paved the way for his son, Josh has done much to further the fame of the Brolin name with his leading appearances in enormous blockbuster hits including Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2.

Dad's Day Out

Timothy Everest

Bomber Jacket
AED 2,925.00

Timothy Everest

Grey Cotton/Cashmere Knitted Polo Shirt
AED 575.00

Richard James

Contemporary Shirt Self Spot
AED 700.00

Timothy Everest

Olive Lightweight Bomber
AED 1,400.00

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