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Meet the female nose behind new Bottega Veneta’s new scent

Amandine Marie has created the Parco Palldino X Olivo for Bottega Veneta, and it hits the high notes

I am constantly looking for something beautiful, the perfect harmony for each olfactory story I write.

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, when a female perfumer — or nose, to use the technical jargon — comes along, it’s worth paying attention. And in the case of Amandine Marie, and her evergreen X Olivo scent for Bottega’s new Palladino Collection, it’s worth sniffing out. We caught up with the charismatic woman behind the scent that evokes memories of long sunny afternoons in lush greenery, pine needles and blooming violets.

What was the brief for this fragrance?

The project wanted me to explore the rich and expressive Italian heritage of the Bottega Veneta house with a highly selective approach that would best translate Bottega Veneta’s exceptional craftsmanship.

Bottega Veneta sits in the Veneto region, the land of Andrea Palladio whose gardens inspired the exclusive Fragrance Collection. Like an “olfactory trompe l’oeil”, Parco Palladiano X Olivo was to combine the scents of the indigenous plants and more specifically, here, the woods.

Given the inspiration of the Palladian gardens behind the fragrance, what does the smell make you think of?

The majestic Tree of Life!

I am constantly looking for something beautiful, the perfect harmony for each olfactory story I write.

Go Green

Duke + Dexter

Plain Collection - Gallant Green
AED 800.00

Bennett Winch

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Code of London

Fulham grey with green check single breasted jacket
AED 1,800.00

Richard James

Pocket Square Floral Splash
AED 225.00

Explain the structure of the fragrance, their facets and the key raw materials you used.

At the top, Parco Palladiano X Olivo captures an intense green vibe, composed around a strong galbanum which is enhanced by the dynamism of mandarin and pepper.

In the heart of the scent, cedarwood and copahu essence along with cypress, have been combined to create two accords that took their inspiration from olive tree’s bark and leaves. And finally, a vegetal ode signals the smoothness of tonka and moss on the drydown.

Amandine Marie, the Nose behind Parco Palladiano X Olivo for Bottega Veneta.

What makes this fragrance unique?

Made of superior materials, this fragrance expresses the unique beauty of nature.

What’s the secret of making a good perfume?

The indispensable technical prerequisites of strength and diffusion. A balance between the top note, the heart and the base.

I am constantly looking for something beautiful, the perfect harmony for each olfactory story I write.

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