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The Hollywood workout

The fitness method that Anthony Joshua and Hollywood’s finest swear by is available in Dubai

The simple efficacy and benefits of TRX workouts cannot be overstated.

Getting into the same physical fettle as Anthony Joshua and Hollywood’s A-listers is becoming ever more possible with this training method. Sound too good to be true? It usually does. Read on and try it for yourself before you make a judgement.

Both the Reform Method and TRX Athletica classes are bodyweight-based workouts that challenge the trainee’s core strength and stability in almost every movement. It allows you to develop overall body strength and awareness as well as improving much-desired physical aesthetics.

These workouts have been incredibly popular over the years with professional athletes including UFC fighters, mixed martial artists and boxers such as Randy Couture, Brandon Vera and even world heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua.

And celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Giselle Bundchen, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz have all bought into the hype of the Reform Method — and their bodies speak as results in themselves.

So, the question is: why do these high profile individuals, used to having their naked torsos in the spotlight, use these methods? Well, the simple answer is that they are extremely time efficient. But let’s look at them both in more detail to highlight why they work for them. And why they can work for you.

The simple efficacy and benefits of TRX workouts cannot be overstated.

First up, let’s delve deeper into the Reform Method.

This workout is performed on a machine called the Megaformer, which has been designed by French inventor and fitness “visionair” Sebastien Lagree in Los Angeles.

The Megaformer is a machine that resembles an old school pilates reformer but it has been modified and improved by Lagree over the years to create a truly exceptional piece of fitness equipment that accommodates beginners as well as challenging veteran workout enthusiasts.

One of the reasons it’s so popular among the stars is that it provides a very effective workout in a short space of time building strong and lean muscle. And who doesn't want that?

The Megaformer

The moves on the Megaformer develop the clients overall body awareness and ability to move with more control as it challenges their stability and balance with every exercise.

And importantly the workout is low impact by design. So it’s great for anyone coming back from an injury or beginning their fitness journey. It’s also a useful complementary fitness aid for serious athletes. Runners who need to avoid too much repetitive, high-impact on their joints. Boxers who require active recovery. Sports pros who need to strengthen the flexibility of their muscles.

But don’t be fooled, even though the Reform Method is low impact, it is still high intensity. Trainers challenge even the strongest warriors entering the room.

Sweat it out


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Next, the TRX Athletica class. The simple efficacy and benefits of TRX workouts cannot be overstated. And they perfectly complement the Reform Method as they build on the low-impact movements of the Megaformer. TRX movements improve body awareness, strength and stability, and balance.

Most of the class is focused around the TRX suspension trainer but other tools that aid functional bodyweight moves including medicine balls and kettlebells are used, too; depending on the participant’s level of ability in order to illicit a desirable training response. 

The TRX was first designed by former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick, who when on deployment needed a simple tool to effectively train and condition the body to be combat fit and ready to take on the unknowable.

Having been tried and tested by professional athletes as well as celebrities over the years it is still one of the go-to solutions for trainers due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

Similar to the Reform Method, there is a level of instability in every movement performed on the TRX which challenges the user to engage their core and really be aware and connected to the exercise they are performing.

Roberto Julio, head trainer at Reform Athletica.

The TRX Athletica classes develop the participant’s athletic ability and enhance their overall strength and cardio fitness: basically the complete package.

Many combat athletes incorporate TRX training into their regime as part of their strength and conditioning programme as they are looking to improve and condition their overall strength and develop their balance without bulking up or adding weight to their frame, seeing that they compete in weight categories.

Improving your balance and stability is very important for professional athletes just as much as for the weekend warrior, even though the motivation to come to class may be more fuelled by the desire to rock that Adonis shaped physique walking down the beach for the latter.

So whether you are looking for a dose of low impact Reform Method on the Megaformer or you want to awaken the warrior inside you and hit up the TRX Athletica class, check out Reform Athletica on Jumeirah Beach. And let the gains begin.

The writer is the head trainer at Reform Athletica in Dubai.

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