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The gentleman’s guide to nutrition

How to eat like a man so you can train like an animal

Being the boss — or just being one of the top guys at your company — may give you a slight ego boost, but true top-performing “alpha-types” don’t settle for dominating just their small circle of influence. They want to play the game of life at the highest level in all domains.

This purity of physical purpose and pursuit is why you need to get your diet right, granted you train like a wild animal in the gym.

So, here are seven of the most important dietary rules you need to follow to show up ready for anything — every single day, in every single way.

1. Eat a big breakfast

The current popularity of intermittent fasting is for men that have no high-performance requirements. No top athlete or CEO goes to work on an empty stomach. The fact is that you need the energy to burn as you blaze through the challenges of your demanding day.

2. Eat slowly

Not only does this improve digestion — and may even help limit fat gain — but it builds patience and mental presence. A high performer is never in a rush. The world can wait.

3. Limit fatty foods and stick to lean proteins like chicken and fish

They only slow you down. Keep the fatty foods for the weekend when you can rest and recuperate. Slow-digesting fat will just slow you down. Not good for blazing!

4. Eat only three meals per day

This will allow for slightly larger meals and keep you fuller for longer. But the longer bouts of staying empty are a good break for the digestive system and may give some of the benefits of fasting-induced cellular regeneration.

5. Eat at the same times every single day

If you don’t have control of your schedule and can’t do that, consider finding a role that requires skin in the game and empowers you by putting you in control.

6. Boredom is your friend

You needn’t seek daily variety in your food. This is a sure sign of weakness, an inability to manage boredom and implement discipline.

7. You absolutely have to lift heavy weights at least four days per week

I recommend six strongly. Without weight training, your body won’t have directions or instructions for what to do with the food you’re eating. Exercise literally carves the canals through which calories flow — and where.

The writer is the owner of Symmetry Gym

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