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Revived & rejuvenated at Nikki Spa

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai is serious about both those concepts in its wellness space, where you are pampered in the lap of luxury

Life’s anomalies sure can be curious.  Have you ever stopped to ponder how the things we accept as natural at one stage can be frowned upon at another? In most cases, this change in perception can be ascribed to them acquiring different connotations.

But while being bathed by another person — a stranger, no less — is always at least slightly awkward for most of us, it has undisputed wellness properties. So I hop in the back of a cab and get driven to the Nikki Spa, enticed by its Luux Hammam treatment.

The Nikki brand is the poster child for urban chic, so it should come as no surprise that this uber-stylish space takes a strong design-centric approach, speaking volumes with its signature white minimalism. Known as an effervescent lifestyle brand, green tea-based chilled welcome drinks served in martini glasses set the tone. The mood is laid-back, underscored by playful lighting and a welcome mix of lounge-style music worlds away from pan flute covers.

The pleasant scent of jasmine and mandarin wafts through the venue. 

But I’m here to be scrubbed from head to toe, and partial to Moroccan baths not least for that deep cleanse while you doze off on a warm marble slab. My therapist does a stellar job of maintaining as much of my dignity and relaxed state as possible as he goes about the process, first applying a layer of black soap while I steam then exfoliating with an olive paste using a traditional kessa, followed by an application of a Rhassoul clay mask to detoxify.

This nurturing and purifying treatment is rounded off by back, neck and shoulder massage. Some 90 minutes later, I’m recovering in pastel lighting on an ergonomic lounger in the relaxation zone with its Jar of Wisdom, containing inspiring life messages. My quote: “Today, I choose the higher road — the path of charity, acceptance, love, selflessness and kindness.”

All roads lead to Rome, they say. I guess I’m ready to experience a proper Roman feast. But not of the Caligula variety, please.

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