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Get the royal treatment at Urban Male Lounge

The all-round treatments at Urban Male Lounge will have you cutting a royal visage after a couple of transformative hours

UML offers an holistic approach to men’s grooming.

It’s amazing what you find out at barbershops. The catharsis felt and life lessons learned at barbers through their various anecdotal ramblings is something of a cliché. And Urban Male Lounge is no exception. 

Where my conversation with the company’s much-praised Mohammed began to flow with general chit-chat about Morocco and England’s chances at the World Cup, it meandered through millennials’ unhealthy obsession with social media and then quickly washed up with the remarkable discovery that Mohammed was formerly employed for just over a year by the Ruler of Dubai and Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his family. 

And on seeing the transformation of what was quite a bushy and unkempt thicket of a face-bush before my treatment here, to the well-trimmed and meticulously schnicked and nicked (with the obligatory cut-throat razor) beard I left with, it’s not hard to see why the highest and mightiest in the land used to employ one of UML’s top barbers. To say I went from Mr Twit to Brad Pitt (in Oceans 11, naturally) is to give Mr Twit a bad name. It’s also an understatement. 

Despite UML’s rather cosy setting the cut and shave is a reassuringly effortless experience that operates on a model of minimal fuss and maximum efficacy. The barbers, particularly Mohammed, offer suggestions for cuts and trims to suit your face, tones and growth patterns — something I opted for, and something I’d recommend.

However, the real gem of UML is kept in the back of the outlet — in the tranquil treatment rooms, for the facial treatments they offer. 

UML offers an holistic approach to men’s grooming.

Grooming essentials

Czech & Speake

No.88 Shaving Set & Stand
AED 1,800.00


Well Groomed Travel Kit
AED 180.00


Fort Greene Beard balm 2 oz.
AED 134.00


Traditional Seaweed Bath
AED 130.00

UML offers an holistic approach to men’s grooming: everything from hot stones and massages to facials, haircuts and hair removal. But, it’s the facials that make this one of the top barbers in the emirate.

Specifically, the FORLLE’D intensive hydration facial (make sure this is done after the shave to optimise the treatment) has your skin breathing new life into its tired and weary surface. 

Sciencey-bit coming up: Based on low-molecular ionised hydraulic acid (a chemical compound in the skin that hydrates and protects against UV damage), the serums used activate moisture-retention cells deep in the skin’s tissue. Sciencey-bit over: What that translates to is clearer and fresher skin. 

And who doesn’t want that? 

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