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Quintessentially French: Maison diptyque

The archetype of Parisian elegance, Maison diptyque is a House of tradition that cultivates a free and eclectic spirit while treasuring the past

The art of fragrance for diptyque is an ode to slowness and patience combined with a great sensitivity.

Renowned for its scented candles, diptyque’s fragrance diffusers for the home, eaux de toilette and eaux de parfum or face and body care products are now available around the world. They all bear witness to the extreme importance accorded to know-how that is the trademark of luxury craftsmanship.

A prolific friendship

In 1961, three friends decided to create their own fabric design house and established the mythical address on 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, in Paris. This was not the most sought after area of the capital, but the rent was not very expensive. Desmond Knox-Leet was a painter. Interior designer Christiane Montadre-Gautrot was fresh out of the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs when they started designing upholstery patterns for Liberty and Sanderson. Yves Coueslant was a theatre director and set designer.

While the sale of fabrics was slow in taking off, their Christmas window displays enchanted visitors. Giving free rein to their taste for the unusual, the artisan, the ethnic and the playful, and after much searching and travelling together, they created a formidable collection of eclectic objects.

The venture was a success. Sales took off along with raving reviews in the press. Through discoveries and personal achievements, the House affirmed its personality.

In 1963, the three founders created a trio of candles – Hawthorn, Cinnamon and Tea – to pair at leisure. Many more creations were added over time, such as Wood fire, Fig tree, Berries, Mosses, Maquis and Opopanax. The first eau de toilette, L’Eau was launched in 1968. Bold simplicity, the tone was set.

The art of fragrance for diptyque is an ode to slowness and patience combined with a great sensitivity.

At a street corner, the shop at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain also opens on rue de Pontoise, with windows on both sides like a diptych, hence the name.

Stylish bazaar

As a tribute to the opening of the first store, half a century later a fragrance was born, which captured the soul of No. 34. In this scented portrait Connoisseurs would find a link with the House’s classics: L’Ombre dans l’Eau, Do Son and Philosykos that embrace the visitor entering the shop. A subtle blend of blackcurrant, green leaves, berries and foregoing rose, geranium and tuberose, with wooded scents, balsams and resins developing harmonic background notes. The fragrance is complex, atypical, both seductive and surprising. The signature line is available for both body and home.

Today, diptyque boutiques are opening up in large cities around the world, particularly in neighbourhoods that are in keeping with the spirit of the brand. And while each one has its own personality, open to modernity and to the culture of its adopted country, all maintain a warm intimacy.


The art of fragrance for diptyque is an ode to slowness and patience combined with a great sensitivity.

Scented candles are the result of a unique know-how. Entirely handmade, nine stages are required to achieve their distinctive finesse. The unique range of fragrances comes in families highlighting a flower, fruit, herb, tree or spice.

Candle after candle, an exceptional herbarium of scents has been created - a unique palette of nearly fifty candles. Each person can, by combining two of them, compose his or her own olfactory landscape. To represent the scented world of each candle, diptyque has selected fabrics and wallpapers from the Maison Pierre Frey’s permanent collection and archives. This collaboration with Pierre Frey echoes a practice dating back to the earliest days of the Maison diptyque, when each candle was paired with a particular textile as the material embodiment of the scent and its universe. It all began with the simplest of ideas; just as decorative objects or furnishing fabrics give a personal touch to an interior, so candles can ornament a living room, library or bedroom.

Atypical personality

Through its desires and dreams, discipline and respect, research and instinct, diptyque has developed an unusual, atypical personality.

Appreciated and present all over the world, it retains a human and personal dimension, reflected in its stores and fragrances. Curious about the world, the history of materials and know-how, its innovative power reflects its interest in whatever promises the future holds.

The pioneering spirit of its founders is a legacy that expresses itself beyond genres and fashions, a sincerity that reflects the emotion contained in each fragrance.

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