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Palazzo Versace has a facial for you and you alone

The customised Linda Meredith Haute Couture Facial has you ready for your close-up in no time

Linda Meredith is known as the Queen of Facials among A-listers for a reason.

I used to think I had relatively good skin. I wasn’t wrong, but I also wasn’t completely right... If you follow an extensive skincare routine (vanity prevents me from revealing just how extensive, but it incorporates on a regular basis a bevvy of cleansers and toners and masks and serums and creams and… you get the picture) surely you should be okay?

Superficially, yes. And my therapist at the Spa at Palazzo Versace Dubai agreed. At least initially. 

Ruth’s reassurance comforted me that I was on the right track as I recounted my only-slightly-embellished routine (admit it, we all lie to professionals — from doctors to mechanics). It turns out that’s not enough. Because part of the Linda Meredith Haute Couture Facial involves the therapist shining a spotlight on your face and then getting to work under a magnifying glass. 

And you can’t hide any imperfections under these conditions. See, as much as we account for damage from the sun and ACs and the like, coupled with the pollutants we face on a daily basis, we’re all worse off than we thought. 

Linda Meredith is known as the Queen of Facials among A-listers for a reason.

How’s your skincare routine?


4-in-1 cleansing foam
AED 99.00


Exfoliating Facial Cleanser
AED 104.00

Mr Natty

Save Ya Skin (saveskin)
AED 95.00


Seaweed / Geranium Hand Balm
AED 130.00

By this stage my skin had been plumped up with one product and blasted with steam to open the pores. There’s a natural micro peel process to remove dead cells, and a cleanser draws impurities from deep within to ease the extraction process. Your therapist goes over every inch of skin for about an hour. 

The best thing about this treatment is that it’s personalised to you individually; the therapist decides what’s needed once they get this much, much closer look at your skin. The focus is on deep cleansing and re-surfacing the skin while also having firming, hydrating and anti-ageing qualities. 

Linda Meredith is known as the Queen of Facials among A-listers for a reason — don’t be surprised if afterwards you too channel Norma Desmond: “All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.” 

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