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Maison Lutétia Aesthetic Clinic Barbers: Review

At Maison Lutétia you can plug in some AirPods, sit back and watch Netflix and BeIN sports while get a good grooming over

The entire experience at Maison Lutétia is a quintessentially Parisian one that puts you into a state of homely comfort and relaxation.

We may well have found Dubai’s most luxurious barbers. Big statement. Easily backed up. Coffee, any way you want it, fresh dates and macaroons, a cold bottle of sparkling Evian: all within arm’s reach. AirPods in, and Netflix or Bein Sports on the screen in front of you.

This might sound like the start of a leisurely weekend morning at home on the sofa. But it’s actually the uber-luxurious setting of Maison Lutétia’s barbers in Festival City. Long treatments, haircuts and dyes have never gone so quickly. Or been so utterly enjoyable. 

The in-chair entertainment concept is one that stems from Maison Lutétia’s core philosophy: no detail is too small, nothing is too much for their customers, as we found out when we booked in for a trim and a shave.

As an aside to the inch-perfect barber-ific experience at Lutétia, one particularly reassuring aspect of the aesthetic clinic is that the staff buy into the treatments the clinic offers. Quite literally. My barber, Ahmed, had a hair transplant the day before I booked in — as the bandages around his donor area showed.

As well as being the most dextrous and artistic of barbers, he was happy to chat through each element of the surgery. “Did it hurt?” (Always the first question) “How long will it take to grow back? How long did the procedure take?” And so on. I was full of questions, to which Ahmed answered in full.

The entire experience at Maison Lutétia is a quintessentially Parisian one that puts you into a state of homely comfort and relaxation.

He was then equally happy to let me throw the AirPods in (which the barbers supplies. And, yes, they are thoroughly washed after each use) and plug into Netflix and just zone out to Last Chance U for the hour’s worth of snipping and clipping hair away from my face. The end result of which, is unrivalled in its execution.

And to finish a facial exfoliation and scrub with the Vitaman products that Lutétia holds up as industry leaders in men’s grooming, and you find that this is one barber’s chair you don’t want to leave to return to the real world. The silver lining of having to reluctantly pull yourself away from the private VIP room here is that you know you look like a much better version of yourself than when you walked in. What about the all-important chair itself? Good question. Full grain black leather. Oh yes, touché.

The entire experience at Maison Lutétia is a quintessentially Parisian one that puts you into a state of homely comfort and relaxation. From walking in, over the mosaic floor (a recreated replica of the same flooring in the Paris clinic), the Michelangelo-esque ceiling paintings of fluffy clouds and an ethereal blue sky, right down to the wooden flooring shipped over from Paris and an original map of Lutetia (the original name for Paris) adorning the walls, this is a one-stop facility for all your grooming needs.

Groomed to Go

Czech & Speake

No.88 Shaving Set & Stand
AED 1,800.00


Smooth Shave Cream
AED 85.00


Clean Shave Hydrating Gel Cream
AED 85.00


Anchor aftershave 4 oz.
AED 199.00

Maison Lutétia has garnered a reputation for being one, if not the, leading hair care clinic in Europe. The Parisian centre performs up to six transplants a day and has a waiting list of over seven months: such is its highly-esteemed repute.

At the beginning of the September, founder and president Nathanaël Aknine brought the clinic out to Dubai, at the insistence of his now business partner, Omar al Futtaim, ceo of  Al Futtaim Group; such is Aknine and the clinic’s highly-esteemed repute. This is a refrain you could use ad infinitum with the clinic.

While the clinic is now underway and performing transplants — for men and women — as well as a host of other cosmetic surgeries, one thing that cannot be overlooked is the barbers attached to the clinic in Festival City. Book in. Kick back Netflix and chill. And leave as the best groomed version of you.

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