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How to deal with thinning hair

There are a number of things you can do to prevent or slow the rate of your hair loss before you consider getting a transplant

Ask your barber to cater your hairstyle and trim to the severity of your hair thinning, your hair type, the thinning pattern and the shape of your head.

It’s a natural phenomenon that affects (or afflicts) almost every man as they get older, some sooner than others. Hair loss. In the majority of cases it’s an unwanted reminder of the number of winters you’ve seen pass you by. For others it’s a blot on the vanity card. While for some it’s just mere circumstance; the inevitable outcome of an ageing physiology.

But many of us are not as at peace with their looks and are desperate to cling to their youth in the form of the follicles on their scalp.

So with the pressing concern of hair loss looming above all our heads but there are steps you can take to reduce the rate of hair loss. So here’s a basic guide to looking after your thinning hair.

Start early.

It sounds obvious, but the best advice and simplest solutions are often the best. The sooner you start preventing hair from thinning, the better your potential improvement. Stopping or minimizing hair loss, as the natural phenomenon occurs, is the best way forward.

A healthier lifestyle means healthier hair.

You are what you eat. Avoid fried, high-fat foods and hydrogenated oils. These promote the production of testosterone, which leads to elevated levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT): the hormone responsible for overriding the chemicals needed for healthy hair follicles.

Also, stay away from simple carbohydrates like bread, white pasta and rice. Their naturally high stores of sugar are known to have a high glycemic index and interfere with a healthy scalp. 

Ask your barber to cater your hairstyle and trim to the severity of your hair thinning, your hair type, the thinning pattern and the shape of your head.

Care for the hair


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Poached eggs are a winner. Are great source of clean protein and high biotin, both of which promote hair growth. And super berries and spinach are also great at maintaining a healthy head of hair thanks to their complex vitamin compounds.

Partake in moderate exercise on a regular basis. Even a 10-minute daily workout at home can work wonders. Working out stimulate blood circulation throughout the body, sending blood and oxygen to the head an also stimulate hair growth.

Get a good night’s sleep. Don’t drink caffeine after 5pm. Do not eat too late. And relax with a book or go for a walk about an hour before bed.

Check for vitamin-D deficiency, as lack of this may result in hair thinning being more aggressive.

Use haircare products without harmful ingredients.

If you’re using traditional products, try to keep them from contact with your scalp and only apply to the hair. In some cases, this isn’t possible for men with short hair.

Look our for ingredients in hair serums and shampoos such as sls, sles, perfume, essential oils, colour, silicone, petrochemicals or parabens: they can all exacerbate the rate of hair loss because they strip the scalp of its natural oils.

You want hair products which feature “leave-in hydration.” This plays an active role the reversal of thinning hair.

Lars Skjoth, Harklinikken founder and head scientist.

Make your hairstyle suit your baldness pattern.

The hairstyle that we suggest to men exposed to hair thinning are customised to each individual, but dependent on some of the following factors. Ask your barber to cater your hairstyle and trim to the severity of your hair thinning, your hair type, the thinning pattern (frontal, crown or general) and the shape of your head.

For a breakdown of the most suited types of haircut for specific types of hair thinning, click here.

Consider a transplant.

If it’s still not coming back, or is continuing to fall out at the same rate, surgery is an option. Bear in mind: Not everyone is a good candidate, and many will not get the outcome they’re seeking. This is dependent on the thinning area, the health of your “donor patch” (the back and sides of the hair where the follicles are harvested from) and your age.

Careful evaluation by a specialist prior to a hair transplantation is crucial. And all other options should first be exhausted first, such as lifestyle changes and looking into possible product treatment such as what we offer at Harklinikken in Dubai.

At our clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark, where we offer transplantation, we use a process called Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE which provides the best, most natural results with a minimal amount of scarring.

The writer, Lars Skjoth, is founder and head scientist of Harklinikken, the European hair care clinic.

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