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1847 Emirates Towers: A Gentleman’s Retreat

1847’s new VIP Room in The Emirates Towers is the best kind of man's grooming cave

Ever felt like you need a time-out from the world and escape into a space where you could just relax? Men’s grooming lounge 1847 has long been that space, but the company has upped the ante with its new VIP Room in the Emirates Towers venue.

The atmospheric salon with its darkened alcoves remains, and you’re greeted in that space many men have come to associate with relaxation. But then you’re led through a door and into an inner room strongly juxtaposed with the space you’ve just left.

Where the welcome chamber uses low lighting and dark woods, the VIP Room goes the other way. Tastefully decorated with a homely touch, the stark white walls are broken with vibrant paintings, a bookcase and various accoutrements to turn this into a man cave for the modern gent.

Tame the Mane

Czech & Speake

Oxford & Cambridge Travel Shave Set
AED 675.00


Clean Shave Hydrating Gel Cream
AED 85.00

Mr Natty

Beard Brush (Beard brush)
AED 85.00


Commando shaving oil 1 oz.
AED 145.00

A massage table dominates the centre of the room, and a vintage-style barber chair takes up one corner. The opposite, more cosy, one features a recliner replete with footrest in front of a magazine-filled coffee table and TV. This is where I hit pause on a busy day.

I switched off the BBC newsfeed in favour of the soothing instrumental music over the speakers, and allowed one therapist to tame my claws while another worked that knot in my shoulders from hunching over a computer all day. With firm, gentle strokes she worked her way up and down my neck and head, displacing tension along with worries over a never-ending to-do list.

1847’s VIP Room takes grooming to the next level. It brings together all the services found in the rest of the salon into one room so you don’t have to move between the barber shop, study, therapy suites or asset management area for a shave, mani, wax, facial or massage.

Think of it as a one-stop shop for all your grooming needs, a refuge within a retreat. One where pampering comes standard, with the added benefit of more privacy.

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