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Gentleman’s Guide to Dubai Barbers

Debonair takes you to the top five barbershops you can trust to tame the manly mane

Grooming is the secret of real elegance - Christian Dior

A barber’s is just a barbers, right? You know the place: The heady aroma of over-bearing aftershave. Loose strands of someone else’s hair strewn across the floor. That crinkled black barber’s cape and the funny neck bandage thing. And not to foget the overly-talkative barber themselves — pulling your face and neck this way and that, snipping, clipping and nicking like a jolly Edward Scissorhands on Red Bull.

They’re all the same, right? Wrong.

Dubai has some of the best and most luxurious barbers out there. The sort of place you can relax and be safe in the knowledge that you’ll leave a better-looking and cleaner cut version of you: the best version of yourself. So, here’s our top five barbers in the emirate.

Grooming is the secret of real elegance - Christian Dior

Maison Lutétia

Possibly the most luxurious of them all. There is parking right outside the clinic - which immediately sets it apart from the majority of salons that are nestled in the middle of malls (which means parking in the multi-storey, forgetting where you parked and then searching for the car for a seeming eternity...) But of course, the opulence doesn’t end in the car park.

Maison Lutétia is a slice of chic Paris in Dubai. As well as doing transplants very well, the barbers attached to Europe’s leading hair care clinic in Festival City is an exercise in luxuriant grooming. You can link your phone to the screens in the mirrors in front of you, sync some AirPods (which the barber provides you with), open up Netflix, or catch beIN sports on the three-way mirror in front of you, sit back and revel in the comfort of what feels like your home sofa or armchair while someone gets to work on your hair, beard and face. Absolutely top notch.

(You can read our full review of Maison Lutétia barbers here.)

Our verdict: Netflix and Chill.

The Art of Shaving

The Art of Shaving is quickly establishing itself as one of the premium barbers out here.

The attention to detail and comfort you receive with these guys is top notch. We recommend the Royal Shave and Express Facial treatment. The brand aims to “induct discerning men into the Brotherhood of Shaving.”

Our verdict: a dapper sect worth being a member of.


This is the place (either the JBR or the Emirates Towers branch) to get your executive game face on. 1847 prides itself on providing the high-flying exec the sort of time-out escapism from the boardroom that is desperately needed once in a while.

1847 has long been a space for you to unwind while getting the revivifying treatment your face and hair needs. The Gentleman’s Tonic company upped the ante with its new VIP Room in the Emirates Towers venue (Read the full Debonair review here).

Our verdict: 1847 has boardroom ready in a snip.

Tame the Mane

Mr Natty

Emergency Flair - shave (shaveflair)
AED 150.00

Czech & Speake

No.88 Shaving Set & Stand
AED 1,800.00


Smooth Shave Cream
AED 85.00


Fort Greene shaving oil 1 oz.
AED 145.00

Chaps & Co.

Occupying prime spots in JLT and the Design District Downtown, this up-scale snippery offers an all-round chill-down for the gent booked in for some pampering from some of the best-trained barbers available. You can order a drink, kick back, zone out and let the barbers go to work.

Our verdict: Traditional British grooming with a glitzy Dubai-spangled edge.

Jazz Lounge Spa

While some barbers opt for a hyper-masculine atmosphere, others embrace how being cared for can make us feel good, and that it needn’t be threatening our inherent manliness.

The Jazz Lounge Spa (Full Debonair review here) takes the latter approach, and infuse their modern setting and treatments with a sense of fun, doing away with that clinical sparseness that’s become de rigeur out here, with jazz playing gently and soothingly in the background.

Our verdict: Swing by for a classy shave, haircut and all that jazz.

Urban Male Lounge.

While many salons offer a clinical and quite serious approach to their services (as well they should considering the high-profile clientele they’re catering to), Urban tone it down and strip it back a bit, offering an experience with minimal fuss and maximum relaxation. (You can read our full review of UML here.)

Our verdict: Give the alpha some time out, sit back and relax.

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