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Get your executive game face on

Saadiyat Beach Club branch of 1847 offers an holistic male grooming experience you can guiltlessly indulge in

If my skin was breathing before, it was singing after this.

Male grooming for the high-flying exec can go one of two ways: you either leave more stressed out than when you arrived. Or you’re able to entirely immerse yourself in a pampered escape from the pressures of the office.

There’s rarely, if ever, a middle ground. The pendulum will swing to either extreme depending on the environment and how the treatments are administered.

1847’s recently opened Saadiyat Beach Club branch in Abu Dhabi scores well on both counts, and is definitely in the Debonair 'Recommended Salons for Gents' list. If there was a list. There will be: we’re working on it.

As a curious aside: at various moments throughout the shave (three in total — I counted) my smiley Egyptian barber suggested, then insisted, then asked whether I’d like a “really cool” line shaved into my hair. I found this a little odd as: a) my follicle-deficient head is not the kind that lends itself to such a style and b) I was here for a shave. On my face. But once I explained these fundamentals, we were able to get on with the business of having the cut-throat blade swipe and glide along my throat, nicking every overgrown and out of place hair, which he did with precision and aplomb.

If my skin was breathing before, it was singing after this.

Boardroom Ready

Richard James

Contemporary Shirt Cotton Poplin
AED 520.00

Code of London

Mayfair grey and green check 'self fabric' waistcoat
AED 875.00


Burton Box Calf Black Leather M
AED 1,100.00

Code of London

Fulham grey with green check single breasted jacket
AED 1,800.00

Bennett Winch

AED 3,250.00

This place is serene and classy to the eye and touch. A wooden veneer runs through the salon’s interior, and the white leather barber’s chairs are both comfy and stylish. You certainly feel like you’re being treated to a luxuriant grooming experience here.

But this shouldn’t be surprising: 1847 has procured a fine reputation among time-poor gents who like to look well preened but need to bypass the half hour (plus) it takes to trim their beard to the desired shape and consistency at home in front of the mirror.

I’d booked in for the ‘1847 – Vitamin’ shave — the top of the range facial snip that promises to leave you feeling “utterly refreshed”.

After the cut-throat razor shave, which was masterfully and adeptly carried out, a deep-cleansing mask is lathered over your face to soothe and purify: and it certainly does. You come away not just with a cleanly shaven face, but with pores that feel like they’re breathing for themselves.

Later, in the salon, I indulged in the advanced anti-ageing facial (Lord knows, I need it).

It’s hard to laud this treatment and its delivery enough. If my skin was breathing before, it was singing after this. Through exfoliation, cleansing and hydrating masque, the solution is soothing and fragrant without being overpowering.

The citrus edge that runs through them, with orange peel and vanilla pods a particular feature offers a fragrant backdrop to the ultimate relaxation you get from the hand, arm, calf and foot massage while the masque is setting before being peeled off.

While the Saadiyat Island branch of the brand adheres to the general high-profile and standards of the brand, there are a few hairs out of place in the salon; an uncertainty over what’s actually in the products, and the purpose of treatments were not comprehensively known or answered by my barber. I found myself hoping he was doing what we’d agreed, rather than knowing it was the right treatment. No doubt this will be ironed out in time. No such uncertainty in the lounge, though. The facial was excellent from start to finish.

As an holistic experience, 1847 does well to offer a relaxing reservoir of male grooming and pampering in an otherwise helter-skelter environment where you can switch off and have full confidence that your money maker will receive the care and attention is requires.

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