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Gentleman’s Guide to Business Lunches in Dubai

The top lunch deals for gents looking to make top business deals

One wrong move, mistimed chew or ill-judged moment to speak and you’re going to end up with clam chowder in your lap.

The business is in good shape. It’s performing well. But it could be doing so much better. And you’ve found the person, or people to help you get to the next level. Or maybe they found you, and now you want to hear them out. Either way, you’ve got to gauge their character and their appetite for making things tick and turn a profit.

Golf is simply going to take too long. And a Skype or old school phone call doesn’t give you much of an insight into who you’re dealing with. So, a business, or “working” lunch is a fail-safe option.

You also get to see how they eat, talk and market themselves at the same time: a potentially perilous proposition in itself. You can even use the business lunch setting as a yardstick to see how your companion juggles food and talking as a way of ascertaining their multitasking capacities. One wrong move, mistimed chew or ill-judged moment to speak and you’re going to end up with clam chowder in your lap. So, seeing them in this environment is a good way of sizing them up — metaphorically.

Now, the main principle behind any business lunch concept is, it’s go to be hot to trot and ready to go. So here’s where we come in and help you, the on-the-go, Debonair man of today. Here’s a run down of the restaurants with business lunch offers that get it right for you.

One wrong move, mistimed chew or ill-judged moment to speak and you’re going to end up with clam chowder in your lap.

Seal the deal

Turnbull and Asser

Navy Paisley Silk Tie
AED 490.00

Turnbull and Asser

Plain White Cotton Shirt with Classic T&A Collar and Button Cuffs
AED 785.00

Code of London

St Pauls
AED 2,650.00


Morrison - Antik Blue
AED 875.00

At.mosphere, Burj Khalifa, Downtown

As the name of the restaurant suggests, it’s got an atmosphere and view unparalleled in the city. If you’re out to impress, this is the place to take a prospective client. And if you’re brought here, you can’t fail to be impressed. And at Dhs275 per head for three courses, you know the intention is to impress.

Set on Level 122 of the Burj Khalifa, this business lunch packs an impressive punch. And the new multi-course set business lunch menus are offer provide a mix of At.mosphere’s favourites as well as some innovative international dishes: all prepared with top-notch, fresh seasonal ingredients.

We recommend the beetroot salad with parsley gel, orange, chocolate soil and goat cheese, for starters. The sea bass a’la plancha with crudité, green lentil and grenobloise sauce for mains. And the chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce for dessert. But these can be quite heavy choices for a fleeting meeting. There are lighter options — green salad, risotto and fruit — to suit a more on-the-go approach. Although, having taken the time to soar 122 feet into the ether, you don’t want to rush this one.

Gaucho Dubai, DIFC

The Argentinian steakhouse in the Dubai International Financial Centre presents a stylish, relaxed atmosphere, if your focus is more on the business side, and attentive service and a clued-up kitchen means you can get through three courses in an hour without feeling you need to gulp.

Get the business juices going with avo toast and a rib-eye steak. You’ve got to: it’s Gaucho! Fast, effective, and at Dhs130 for three courses — it’s perfect for an upmarket and not overly-bank breaking lunch.

The Maine Oyster Bar & Grill

Shucks this place is good. But, as the pun misleadingly suggests, there are no oysters on the business lunch menu (However, if you ask your waiter very nicely, you might just be able to replace one of the main course items with some of their finest shucked ocean pearls.) And this place is also the reason an unfortunate clam chowder incident made it into the intro of this piece: the clam chowder here is exquisite. And possibly the most perfect starter available on any business lunch – you also get to see if your potential business partner slurps their soup. (If they slurp, do not go into business with them. You’ve been warned.)

At Dhs105 for three course and a glass of house grape (if you feel you need the persuasion — we are absolutely not advocating liquid persuasion), it’s also an excellent deal. Especially if you’re picking up the tab. The quality of the food tastes a lot dearer than the package price. So if you do want to impress for not too much of an expense, this is a banker. Your companion will think (and they don’t need to be corrected) that you’ve picked up a hefty tab, thanks to the quality of the fare. It’s all smoke and mirrors, remember.

Morimoto Dubai, Renaissance Hotel, Downtown

Chef Masaharu Morimoto has garnered a reputation for being somewhat of a fusion artist, for integrating Western and Japanese ingredients as part of a signature style that is in full display at Morimoto’s business lunch. And for this one, the revered Japanese chef has fused fine dining with an expedient menu designed for a quick but delectable sit down, eat and negotiate.

A powerhouse of an offering — three courses for Dhs129 — this is one where you can get in, slug down some light and sumptuous sushi and get your deals done: tuck into out the soft-shell crab tempura or the wagyu sliders for something a bit bulkier.

Chef's assortment of sashimi at Morimoto Dubai.

La Cantine du Faubourg, Emirates Towers Hotel

Take your business meet to the streets of sultry Paris at this French eaterie. For an excellent and light French fish lunch, the seabass ceviche pour commencer followed by the grilled salmon and fennel salad pour suivre is just the sort of in-and-out with style and class on the plate option you’re after at Dhs110. And if you’re up to it, add on the fine crème brulee to finish off for an extra Dhs20 onto the bill.

The entrance to La Cantine du Faubourg, Emirates Towers Hotel.

Have we missed one? Is there a perfect venue for a gentleman to do his business that you recommend for us? Get in touch,

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