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Chef Ho Chee Boon woks around the clock

We step into the kitchen with Hakkasan’s international executive chef, who’s collecting Michelin stars in the East and West

Inspired by my mum’s cooking so early on in life, I got into the field at an early age.

In addition to his responsibilities at Hakkasan restaurants around the world, chef ho Chee Boon also runs Yauatcha restaurants. 

He shares his thoughts on food, cooking and beyond.

What’s your earliest food memory? My earliest memories take me back to my mum’s cooking when I was very young. She inspired me from a young age, and in my eyes she’s the best cook in the world — I learned from the best!

How did you enter the industry? Inspired by my mum’s cooking so early on in life, I got into the field at an early age. 

Professional kitchens are renowned as stressful environments. How do you handle the pressure? Because I love what I do and enjoy working in this field, I don’t really feel the pressure. 

Inspired by my mum’s cooking so early on in life, I got into the field at an early age.

How often do you cook outside the workplace? Always. Cooking is my passion, so I love to cook at home as well. 

What’s the best restaurant you’ve eaten at and what made it memorable? Nahm in Bangkok stands out for me. I’ve always admired David Thomson, and his creations never fail to impress.

Conversely, what would you never eat again? Fox. I tried fox meat when I was little and it wasn’t pleasant. I haven’t eaten it since, and never will!

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Does a man who cooks win brownie points at home? For me, it’s not about earning brownie points; I simply cook to make others happy, whether that’s at home or at work.  

What’s your one indispensable kitchen implement? That’s easy — a wok.

What new trends are you seeing, and how do you respond to them? I keep doing what I do. I’ll always keep an eye on other trends but my speciality is modern authentic Cantonese cuisine. 

Who’d you invite to your ideal dinner table? I’d invite my most loyal guests who have followed my career and appreciate my food. I love chatting with those who share my passion for fine dining and I would take the opportunity to take on board any feedback — something that’s very important to do as a chef. It would also be a great opportunity to reward those who have followed my career. 

If you could choose your final meal, what would it be? A traditional full English breakfast.  

Chef Ho Chee Boon was in Dubai and Abu Dhabi recently where he stepped behind the stove at Hakkasan. Read our review here

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