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World Cup 2018: Most stylish teams off the pitch

Steal the looks of the footballers going viral with their fashion shoots — from Nigeria to Iran via Germany

The Nigerians are making all the fashion running in the build up to Russia.

Before a ball has even been kicked at Russia 2018, the superstar headliners of the beautiful game have been raising eyebrows, dropping jaws and sending the internet into frenzied excitement with some of the fashion shoots the teams have had organised on their way to the tournament.

Safe to say, there are now a few more Nigerian and Iranian fans than there were just a couple of days previous when the various ‘talents’ of both teams’ members had gone unnoticed until suits were donned, hair was slicked back and photos of the footballers in something other than their usual playing kits were passed around social media like the ball in the Barcelona team in their tiki-taka pomp.

Meanwhile, the Europeans have also done their bit for the fashion world by channelling their inner Blue Steel and presenting themselves in a more dapper light than we’re used to seeing them.

The Nigerians are making all the fashion running in the build up to Russia.

#1. Nigeria

The Nigerians are making all the fashion running in the build up to Russia. Their vibrant playing kit, designed by Matthew Wolff has sold out globally and will go down as one of the best World Cup kits ever, having become a streetwear item unto itself.

Away from the pitch, the Nigerians have made similar media splash with their traditional white Senator-style cuffed shirt, slacks and with green patterning and matching no-back loafers, which they rocked up to Russia in.

Stepping off the team aircraft, the Nigerians were pictured with broad smiles — which is unsurprising considering they look damn fine.

#2. Iran.

Whether Iran qualify from Group B, alongside Spain, Portugal and Morocco may be largely irrelevant. They have already made one of the biggest impacts of any team at the tournament so far without a single ball yet kicked in anger (ouch).

The Iranian pre-World Cup photo shoot showed the team in their most dazzling and dapper light: and the response sent social media into a meltdown.

It’s a photo shoot that could well be a sign of things to come post-World Cup. You can see big name brands lining up ready to cash in on the Internet sensation they’ve become. Hugo, Calvin, Giorgio — they’ll all want a cut of the Iranian slick suited look after July 15th.

Get the Look

Richard James

Classic Suit Wool & Mohair
AED 3,400.00

Emma Willis

white oxford 2 button cuff shirt
AED 1,300.00


Pocket Sqaure painted spot
AED 195.00


Watson - Ani Calf 598 Leather
AED 1,100.00

Kitted out in vibrant royal blue suits, Iran’s players have become the world’s eye candy for the tremendously valid reason that they look a million dollars and have galvanised non-football fans — regardless of their performance on the pitch — in the build up to the World Cup. It’s safe to say Iran have a few more fair-weather fans than they previously had.

The look donned by the players in the photo-shoot itself conveys the sort of elegance that we usually see (and feature) in our lead models and brand ambassadors. The classy touch of the Iranian-flag patterned pocket squares — the prominent white of which matches the crisp, unbuttoned white shirts — which stands out in classy contrast to the royal blue suits is a touch of refinement that we must applaud.

Their grooming game is on point, too. And may even be the result of one or two recent Debonair articles (which you can read here) offering sound advice on how to tame the mane.

#3. Germany

Kitted out by Hugo Boss, the dark knight German photo-shoot showed Die Mannschafft in a dark, brooding intensity that matches the team’s ruthless efficiency on the pitch. And the little casual quirk touches — white sneakers and black tees — are a victory for fashion label and World Cup squad.

#4. France

Known for their suave assurance (arrogance according to some), the French fashion suit put Les Bleus in a relaxed, open collar light shirt and navy suit that oozes class and confidence.

A definite victory for the French in the fashion stakes, especially considering the rather uninspiring Nike football kit that they’ll be wearing on the pitch.

Grooming Essentials

Czech & Speake

No.88 Shaving Set & Stand
AED 1,800.00


Fort Greene Beard oil 1 oz.
AED 145.00

Mr Natty

Emergency flair- Beard (flairbeard)
AED 150.00

Czech & Speake

Oxford & Cambridge Travel Shave Set
AED 675.00

#5. England

England’s suits were made by the exceedingly British franchise Marks & Spencer. And they were made in the exceedingly British region of… Cambodia. Hmm. (Frowns a post-colonial frown).

Dubious patriotism of the ‘Photoshoot of Hope’ aside, the three-piece navy suit looks aside the England players carried off is largely immaterial. It will be the results on the pitch that matter to the fans. And as any die-hard England football fan will tell you every four years without fail: the Three Lions are nailed on to win the tournament, so there.

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