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Where rock meets fashion

For the 25th anniversary of R.E.M.'s Automatic for the People, a striking new fashion collection is born to celebrate the rock bands landmark album

Iconic British designer Paul Smith and American ‘80s and ‘90s rock band R.E.M. have come together to produce a capsule collection of special products to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the acclaimed band’s landmark album, Automatic for the People.

To launch the collaboration, and mark the release of the remastered deluxe version of Automatic for the People, select members of R.E.M. will visit key Paul Smith destinations including London, Milan and New York.

The capsule collection of limited edition products includes delicately woven scarves, silk pocket squares, canvas tote bags and graphic T-shirts. Playing on Paul Smith design signatures of bold colour and photo print, the graphics within the collection make use of the Automatic for the People album artwork, famous song lyrics and promotional photos of the band taken by the Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn. An exclusive run of screen-printed posters featuring the renowned album artwork have also been produced as a limited and numbered edition.

“We’re thrilled to work with Paul Smith, Anton Corbijn’s photos, and my lyrics from "Automatic for the People" to create something very 2017.” - Michael Stipe

The designer said, “I’ve known and been a fan of R.E.M. for a long time. I’ve always particularly enjoyed Michael’s haunting vocals. The band is a very imaginative and artistic group of people, which makes them such exciting creative collaborators.”

The Paul Smith and R.E.M. collaboration will launch on November 10 and will be available to purchase from key Paul Smith shops including London, New York and Paris.

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