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Tombolini makes lightweight suits you can chuck in a washing machine

We catch up with the team behind the Italian fashion label focussed on innovation, practicality and elegance — available at

The latest addition to the Tombolini family is the ZG, the lightest suit in the world at only 300g.

Where does the name come from?

The Tombolini family renews its history and tradition to give life to the new TMB project. We’re influenced by the lifestyle of the globetrotting businessman and the need to create a new, more innovative and contemporary product.

How would you describe the aesthetics of your brand?

A set of values between past and future, tradition and innovation. The future has ancient roots. Our philosophy is to tell an Italian story made up of people, values and a lot of passion.

What inspires the brand?

We’re inspired by the shapes and colours of the elements that exist in nature around us — the Marche region, where art, the landscape and monuments inspire timeless, innovative and always contemporary pieces.

The latest addition to the Tombolini family is the ZG, the lightest suit in the world at only 300g.

What goes into creating the perfect collection?

Our internal style office creates each line by exploring the choice of increasingly surprising fabrics, and marrying that with an attention to detail that is becoming more important to customers while also attending to the design and personalisation of garments.

What inspires your choice of cut, material, print, colour, etc.?

TMB focuses on innovation, as seen in the ZG line. We make garments with a refined cut that are practical and very comfortable, such as adopting water-repellent materials able to fight even the coldest temperatures.

Do you have a flagship product and what distinguishes it?

The latest addition to the Tombolini family is the ZG, the lightest suit in the world at only 300g. An innovative and cutting-edge garment, it’s also washable and therefore machine washable.

What do you think will be the next big revolution in your segment?

People are moving around the world very easily these days, and the luxury travel sector is destined to grow. We’re tapped into this idea with a line of comfortable garments that don’t compromise on elegance.

What about the Middle East market appeals to you?

For us, the Middle East represents a strategic region, as our products have been distributed there for decades and are much appreciated by the final consumer. It is a key market that currently drives export in the men’s fashion segment and, and one that values the Made in Italy label. It’s also a market destined to grow, and therefore our goal is to consolidate our existing customers and attract new ones.

How has the rise in ecommerce influenced your company and strategy?

E-commerce has become very important to improve the effectiveness of our external communication and simultaneously to strengthen our existing market and sales network. It has definitely strengthened the positioning of our brand, and has allowed us to expand into new markets. Have access to a wider audience of end consumers also aids in continuous research that helps us innovate our product offering.

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