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TAILORING: When two become one

Summer wedding season is upon us. Ditch the suit for tailored separates that look like they’re meant to be together

Choosing the right fabrics here is absolutely key to ensuring you send out the right message.

The royal wedding now behind us, we can focus on people in our circles getting hitched. Summer offers the perfect combination of weather and fashion trends, giving you the perfect excuse to dress up and look fine all season. But before we look at what’s trending on the aisles for this summer, it’s important to establish some ground rules. After all, it’s not just the bride who cares about being upstaged. 

Rule #1: Read the invitation. From personal experience, most wedding invitations don’t specify a dress code, but you can be sure your favourite football jersey and Stan Smiths won’t cut it. Make some effort and think carefully about what will be appropriate. If, however, there is a dress code to guide you, it makes things easier — follow it. When in doubt, remember: You can never be overdressed. 

Rule #2: Review the venue. Do your research on the venue and location. The last thing you want is to turn up to a beach wedding in a heavy, woolen three-piece suit. Keep travel time in mind, and think about how the material you want to wear will crease. Also find out the details about the ceremony and the reception; while only a shirt might get you through a garden ceremony, it might be worth taking a blazer as it could get nippy later if the dinner is also outdoors. Ask the wedding party if you’re unsure. 

Choosing the right fabrics here is absolutely key to ensuring you send out the right message.

Rule #3: Show your personality. A summer wedding is a great opportunity to showcase your sartorial credentials — in a way that makes you stand out, but not upstage the groom. 

Tailored separates create a great summer wedding look. That said, there’s a lot of room for error when styling separates. You’re working with pieces that may not have been designed to complement one another, as well as being made from different materials and in different colours. Choosing the right fabrics here is absolutely key to ensuring you send out the right message — one that says you thought your outfit through, rather than looking too casual or sloppy.

Then, ensure your colour combinations enhance each another. Give careful consideration to the tones of your separates, as certain colours don’t work well with others. My suggestion would be to start building your separates up by investing in neutral pieces — this will afford you much more versatility when matching them. 

Pastel colours have been a big trend in recent years and are quite hot this season, with the bravest souls opting for full-pastel suits. A pastel blue blazer looks fantastic when paired with white trousers. An important tip is to ensure your blazer and trousers are tailored in a similar manner, to ensure you don’t look like an extra from Miami Vice. Go for a well-fitted, streamlined look. This way your separates will look like they belong together without being too overly deliberate. 

Big day ready


Holmes - Box Calf Black Leather
AED 1,100.00


Commando shaving oil 1 oz.
AED 145.00

Babette Wasserman

Sleek Bullet Cufflinks, Onyx - Base Metal, Onyx
AED 375.00

Quay Australia

AED 231.00

Navy and beige separates, being the go-to combination of this look, can be a little too expected. At Ascots and Chapels, we introduced a new range of chino fabric with “ultra stretch”, and my recommendation would be the ecru shade with a solid navy blazer. This look can be amplified further by introducing a third colour such as a burgundy or emerald green pocket square and paired with good brown leather loafers. Wear them sockless with your trousers having a shorter ankle, which will hone your summer look. 

Many weddings are now a good two, sometimes even a three-day affair. So even if you opt for a more formal look for the main day with a two- or three-piece suit, you can dress down your separates for day two with a causal chambray or button-down Oxford shirt. 

Now, go and enjoy the big days! 

The writer is brand manager at Ascots & Chapels

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