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Puma Releases Thunder Desert kicks

“Ugly sneaker” trend rumbles on with Puma’s new Desert Thunder kicks

Social media communities and cyber-socialites are digging the washed out Thunder Desert kicks.

An evolution of both the ‘ugly sneaker’ trend throwing the world into a social media frenzy and its own Thunder Spectra line, Puma’s newly launched Thunder Desert are an all-new monotone iteration of the brand’s chunky sneakers.

The Thunder Spectra, launched in April this year, have previously undergone revisions in all-black, darker tones and new colourways.

Now, the Thunder Desert — featuring a material mix of suede textured leather and mesh — are taking the Puma sneaks down the monotone road: disruptively cool and urban all the, nonetheless. The new range is available for men in triple black and block white.

Thunder Spectra took the kick-lovers by surprise and swept them away on a wave of quintessential Puma-ness: something bold, strangely familiar and unique all at once. Instagram was soon awash with Insta Influencers and young Fashionista pretenders sporting their new Spectra kicks.

Social media communities and cyber-socialites are digging the washed out Thunder Desert kicks.

The reaction to the more subdued colourways of the Desert has been similar: the social media communities and cyber-socialites are digging the washed out Thunder Desert kicks.

“While the debut Thunder Spectra took on a bold statement with its retro colour blocking and neon pops, the latest Thunder Desert drops simulate light and shadows in the desert with Triple Black and White colourways,” a Puma press release says.

“It retains the bold signature exaggerated tooling, blown-up proportions and material mix of premium suede, textured leather and mesh,” the release says.

Can I kick it?


TSUGI Jun Gray Violet-QUIET SHADE-Puma W
AED 590.00

Mocha Salt

City Shorts 6 Inseam Linen -Black
AED 550.00

Emma Willis

lapis collarless linen shirt 1 button round
AED 1,300.00

Babette Wasserman

Island Compass Bracelet, Lapis - lapis, sterling silver, bamboo coral
AED 475.00

The Thunder pays homage to past collaborations and silhouettes ahead of their time. Inspired by ‘90s Cell System running silhouettes and the PUMA x McQueen collaboration, the style is a reimagined pair of kicks with a bulky, unapologetic look and feel.

With the Thunder Desert kicks coming with a monotone block palette, they’re ripe for a range of styles, able to blend in with a varied wardrobe. And crucially, the Desert Thunder continue to add fuel (or should we say, adds some lightening) to the ironically named “ugly sneaker” fire that continues to blaze away unabated.

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