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Lewis on his need for speed

Debonair gets the lowdown from championship racer Lewis Hamilton on what it’s like to live life (constantly) in the fast lane

I find the constant push for victory very easy. It’s never been something I have to search for, I guess it’s in my DNA.

When IWC’S Friend of the Brand Lewis Hamilton came to town recently, we took the opportunity to catch up with him. The gifted driver is also famously an avid fan and supporter of the beautifully crafted watches produced in Schaffhausen. Enjoying a relationship that now spans two years, Hamilton is a regular on the red carpet for various events to support the brand, showcasing a few of his favourite watches.

We get the lowdown on what makes him tick. Here he is, in his own words.

I find the constant push for victory very easy. It’s never been something I have to search for, I guess it’s in my DNA.

“I find the constant push for victory very easy. It’s never been something I have to search for, I guess it’s in my DNA.

“I didn’t really have to show up for the last few races of last year’s championship, but I do because there’s still races to win; you’re still striving for that perfect lap, you’re still striving for that perfect race. You want to continue to keep showing up. To keep proving that you’re the best.

“I always want to knock it out of the park. The passion that I have for racing and for winning is constant; it’s been that way since I started racing at the age of eight years old. I don’t really see it changing unless I stop loving what I’m doing.

“I really like to make the most of life, both on and off the track. I know some people who have never ventured outside of their home town. There’s so much beauty to see and so much to experience, I try and tap into as many different things as my time allows, whether that’s learning to play piano, learning a foreign language, reading books or learning a bit more about each city that I go to.

“I want to experience more fashion – I love the design and creative element. So I guess you could say life inspires me. There’s so much around us.

“I really enjoy investing in the worlds of fashion and design. I just bought myself a jacket that I love, which I used in a shoot recently. My next purchase after this will be a watch. As a Friend of the Brand, I’ll be looking towards IWC for that, I’m sure they’ll be able to help me find something to suit my taste.

“I would love to look at a fashion collaboration in the future. I’ve been in racing my whole life – it’s a world I feel I know everything about. What really gets me interested in all these other worlds is that how much I still have to discover about them. So when I go to various fashion shows and awards, I feel like I’m a nobody there, it’s great to just sit there as an observer and take in all these great designers and what they’re creating. I like to just sit and watch people being rewarded for the great things they’re doing.

“When I go to fashion shows, I’m always fascinated by the mind of others. It’s fascinating to see how other people come up with designs, whether it be a car, clothing or a watch. I have such a huge respect for it and I’d love to do a collaboration with some of those people.

“I recently collaborated on a motorbike project with MV Augusta. We did 244 of them and they all sold in two days. I’m really interested in interior design and I’m very meticulous when it comes to seeing projects through. I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do If I apply myself like I do when it comes to racing, even if I’m not as talented in those areas. It’s exciting to know that if I apply myself in the same way, in other areas, it could take me anywhere.”

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