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Gentleman’s Guide to Dubai Tailors

A tailored suit is a rite of passage for many a man, so make it a memorable and lasting experience with Debonair’s pick of tailors in Dubai

“To measure the man, first the man must be measured.”

There are few better sartorial feelings than pulling on a suit that has been made to fit just for you; for suit is just the same as any other suit until it’s been tailored.

Material that has been cut, darted and darned so that it fits you and you alone is an essential wardrobe staple for any self-respecting chap; especially one looking to exude that dapper refinement that separates him from the rest of the suits in the room who suffer from an Extra Inch Here And There-itis.

From buying the suit to having it fit to your measurements, there are some places in Dubai that you can invest your money and trust in that will have you feeling like Brad Pitt on the red carpet, even when you’re just going for post-work drinks or meetings.

Here’s the Debonair Gentleman’s Guide to Dubai’s leading tailors you can put your faith and suits in the hands of with total confidence.

“To measure the man, first the man must be measured.”

Sartor London

Sartor London’s tailoring service would put many five, six and seven hotels to shame. Consider this the 007 of the tailoring world. Not only do they use British and Italian fabrics that evoke the traditions and classic codes of Savile Row tailoring, but their ‘private client experience’ service is astounding: definitely one for those with an eye for opulence.

While they don't have bricks and mortar in Dubai, they might as well. Regularly flying out to meet their vast clientele in the UAE, Sartor London regulalrly fly in for fittings and consultations in the Armani Hotel and the like to fit customers for suits.

But it's not just Dubai they will come to. Sartor will fly their creative director to your location in helicopter to any location you specify — even if that’s on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean. But that’s not all, they also offer limo airport pick-ups and a butler service during your consultation and fitting. Either way, by helicopter or limo, Sartor’s is a service that is a pack leader right now.

Our verdict: One for the high-flier.

Suits you, sir

Code of London

Soho single breasted navy blue two-piece suit
AED 2,650.00

Emmett London

White Twill
AED 600.00

Richard James

Classic Suit Wool & Mohair
AED 3,400.00

Emma Willis

Pink bengal stripe double cuff shirt
AED 1,000.00

Ascots & Chapels

Customers can choose from over 6,000 materials and 4,000 shirting options at this British tailor established in the late 1800s in Mayfair, London. As a sign of the meticulous attention to detail Ascots offer, each bespoke suit takes up to 100 man hours from fitting to delivery.

Since opening its first Dubai-based store in 2007 and with locations on The Palm, in Dubai Marina, DIFC and Motor City, Ascots is ever-present throughout the emirate.

And how’s this for convenience (and full disclosure), Gary Sweeney, brand manager at Ascots, is one of our regular contributors offering fashion advice from trends to how to dress for weddings. Read Gary’s column pieces here.

Our verdict: Cut for the meticulous.


One of the newest players on the Dubai tailoring scene, the European brand Suitsupply is what the founder and CEO describes as “an unsystematic approach” to an industry known for tradition.

Known for their off-beat locations in Greenwich, Milan, Zurich and Amsterdam, Suitsupply opened up in City Walk in Dubai in 2017 and has quickly established itself as a funky and detailed tailor with a big personality that isn’t too hung up of conformity for conformity’s sake. (Read an article on why you should consider bespoke garments here.)

Our verdict: Made to stand out, not blend in.

Custom Shop NY

If you’re one for lauding the undeniable efficiency of technology, then this is the place for you. Unafraid of embracing brave new world of technologies, and the seemingly inevitable rebuke of “what about the good old days of hand fitting,” Custom Shop NY makes the most of body-scanning technology for their fittings – for its reportedly 75 per cent better accuracy than the human hand and eye.

At their stores in Downtown, JBR and Marble Walk, you can choose from a range of jazzy linings, bespoke monogram details and of course suit materials.

Our verdict: Primed and precise.

Complete the Look


Pocket Sqaure abstract print
AED 195.00

Babette Wasserman

Retro Watch Cufflinks, Rhodium - Base Metal Rhodium Plated,
AED 390.00

Turnbull and Asser

Mother-of-Pearl Collar Stays
AED 225.00


Parker - Box Calf Polisandro Leather
AED 825.00

Whyte Bespoke

On of the few home-grown Dubai brands to make a real impact since setting up (in 2017), Whyte Bespoke offers a blend of the subtle and the outrageous in its eye-catching designs and materials when it comes to finding and fitting your suit.

Having recruited some of Savile Row’s finest to its ranks, the boutique offers you traditional tailoring options across the board.

Our verdict: Tailored with a local twist.

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