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Corneliani: All charged up

As the brand releases a range of connected products, style director Stefano Gaudioso shares his top getaways

When I get to take time off for myself, I enjoy the simple things like discovering museums and exhibitions or simply relaxing on a beautiful beach.

Italian luxury menswear label Corneliani presents an ode to silk for SS19.

Drawing on its savoir-faire accumulated over six decades, the material appears in a classic version with a shiny effect, but also with mat finishing and washed effects. It’s combined with superfine wool for suits showing lightweight constructions and comfortable silhouettes, while it also creates intriguing textures in the linen-wool blends of deconstructed blazers.

A Nineties’ feel gets a contemporary makeover in the featherweight garment-dyed jackets embellished with precious colour effects, while the urban-chic bombers are crafted from washed silk. A summery and Mediterranean mood translates in the prints, inspired by refined tie and tile motifs, which bring a graphic and multicolour touch to silk shirts and practical blousons. Lightness and versatility also define the leather offering, spanning from sophisticated reversible Napa-suede blazers to suede bombers treated with wax.

When I get to take time off for myself, I enjoy the simple things like discovering museums and exhibitions or simply relaxing on a beautiful beach.

The collection’s fresh and relaxed feel is exalted by the colour palette inspired by natural elements, in particular flowers and fruits. It includes powdery tones of indigo, periwinkle blue, hydrangea, orchid and apricot, matched with neutral hues of grey, oil green and tobacco.

In keeping with the hyper-connected lifestyle of contemporary men, the Connected Style capsule of iconic pieces hide a high-tech soul behind an elegant and refined look. The line includes a zippered jacket, a backpack, a small travel bag and a computer case, each equipped with a customised power bank that can recharge mobile phones and the like through electromagnetic induction. For enhanced safety, the products come with a silver film protecting against radiation.

The capsule is presented alongside two other special projects — the Beyond the Rain line, which celebrates the brand’s heritage as a trench manufacturer, and the Style and Freedom range, which reflects Corneliani’s more sporty and casual soul.

Stefano Gaudioso, Corneliani’s style director and general merchandising manager, says he loves “to travel and discover new cultures and destinations”.

“But since I travel so much for business, when I get to take time off for myself, I enjoy the simple things like discovering museums and exhibitions or simply relaxing on a beautiful beach.”

He shares his top getaways with Debonair:

Stefano Gaudioso, Corneliani’s style director and general merchandising manager.

New York

New York is absolutely one of my favourite cities in the world! I love taking time out of my year to visit, as it’s so vibrant. This city inspires me the most.

I really have such a special connection with New York, which is hard to explain, but the energy draws me in. No matter how many times I visit, I seem to always discover something new, and I really love that.


Istanbul is another city very close to my heart. I try to go whenever I can, as it’s a perfect mix between history and tradition, and architectural and urban avant-garde elements. What I really love about this Turkish city is the mix of people and cultures, which creates a magical atmosphere.

My favourite place is the Blue Mosque — I am simply hypnotised by its magnificent mosaics and design every time I visit.


One of my favourite long-haul holiday destinations is Mexico. It’s a wonderful land, where you can holiday while discovering historical sites, the sea-life and stunning landscapes. I always rent a car and discover the country with my family.

Uxmal is the weirdest and most fascinating place I’ve ever seen. It’s one of the most well-preserved Mayan sites near Mérida in Mexico — an impressive structure with such a beautiful story.


As mentioned earlier, I travel a lot for business so when I do have free time, I really love spending it with my beautiful family, especially my two lovely daughters. We usually spend the summer in Greece — a country I love for the people, who are always so kind and welcoming, and the sea, with its incredible shades of blue and the variety of islands that are so full of tradition.

The island of Spetses is my second home. We have a holiday home there, and it’s where I can really relax, switch off and enjoy the simple life away from the big city. My favourite thing to do is simply having dinner on the beach, eating fresh fish that the local fishermen have just caught and enjoying the sunset with my family.

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