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Design for the future

As Italian design house Pininfarina makes its debut in the Middle East, chairman Paolo Pininfarina talks about some of his favourite places and spaces in his hometown, Turin, and Dubai

The sights, spaces and objects that inspire design-minded people. ~Paolo Pininfarina

The sight that inspires me the most in Turin is… the sun setting behind the mountains, as seen from the top of the hill.

The building I feel most connected to in the city is… the Museum of Automobiles, because of the number of Pininfarina masterpieces on display there.

An object from outside my city that sits in my home is… a red, 1:10 scale model Ferrari Modena. It sits on a low Chinese table in front of the sofa in my living room.

On my coffee table you’ll always find… a book, and the spectacles I need to read books and magazines.

My favourite space in my city is… in general, the pedestrian squares. Of these, I like Piazza San Carlo best of all.

The sights, spaces and objects that inspire design-minded people. ~Paolo Pininfarina

The last gift I received from someone in the city was… a book my wife wrote about the city’s prestigious brands.

My next investment… will be a house on the Riviera.

My last memorable trip was to… Dubai. Pininfarina is doing the interiors of the Innovation Centre in Sustainable City, our first large-scale project in Dubai. I was in town to introduce the interior design project to the public.

The thing I most look forward to coming back to is… actually not in Turin but Dubai. I’d love to return to see the construction of this Innovation Centre, and to attend its opening.

The last thing that surprised me about the city was… Again in Dubai — City Walk 2. We spent some time in this entirely new area developed with a focus on the lifestyle, and the European atmosphere caught me unawares.

If I didn’t live in my city I would live in… I love many places I visit, but only for a few days. My favourites are London, New York, Miami, Tokyo, Dubai, Cap Ferrat on the French Riviera and Portofino. But I don’t see any realistic alternative to my life that is rooted in the hills, river and mountains of Turin.

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