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What your art says about you

Your taste in abstract art or impressionism, pop art or the Renaissance can reveal a lot about your outlook on life

The emotional state of an individual can change the overall perception of a piece.

The beauty of art is that there is no limitation to where or how you can incorporate it into your life. It’s all about personal preference and finding those pieces that ultimately speak to you. As art is a reflection on your personal taste, it can also be seen as an insight into your personality, evoking emotion and interpretations. So, what does your art say about you?

Our overall preferences can be evaluated as the basis to our values and what gives meaning to our lives. Art can indicate an emotional connection to a specific genre, which can be seen as the building blocks of our personality. Furthermore, our tastes are also dictated by social acceptance, as we gravitate towards those who have similar likes as we do.

The emotional state of an individual can change the overall perception of a piece.

That said, though, it would be unwise to stereotype people over their preference for style or genre. Some lean towards pieces that evoke curiosity and open up the mind, they crave excitement and therefore seek out pieces that stimulate the senses. More often than not this is through the use of bright colours and strong themes, such as that found in modernism, pop art and abstract art.

For those looking to evoke contemplation and individual thought through critical review, more classical, structured and/or symmetrical pieces of art often appeal. Key genres reflecting this include impressionism, traditional disciplines and the Renaissance.

Of course, there are other elements that can come into play when seeking out pieces, such as mood, which plays a major role in how we view and interpret art. The emotional state of an individual can change the overall perception of a piece.

As an artist, we want to guide the viewer towards a certain emotion. It is our job as curator to develop this feeling. Within my own work, it is an expression of the true nature of the society in which we live today. With bold representations of the fashion industry and its associated myths, the artworks are intended to both disturb and fascinate the idea of perfection, and create a controversial talking point.

Whatever your thoughts on art, it is important to delve further into those pieces that provide inspiration. Art — just as it is with beauty — is in the eye of the beholder.

The writer is an Italian pop artist with a presence in Dubai and Miami.

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