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Pininfarina nods to Leonardo Da Vinci with limited-edition coffer

The inspired creation takes inspiration from an object in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code

The 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death is being marked in various ways around the world this year, but perhaps the most inventive is this remarkable-looking creation from compatriot design innovators Pininfarina.

The Codex coffer takes the idea of a contraption in which to hide away valuables and turns it on its head somewhat by producing a piece that, at about Dhs3,000, has inherent value itself.

Constructed from aluminium and solid walnut wood, it forms a solid cylinder that can only be opened if you enter a secret code, created by aligning the 10 lettered sections in the correct sequence.

Once opened, you can access a Pininfarina Segno stylus and an empty space designed for valuable personal objects.

Its name and concept is derived from the Cryptex from Dan Brown’s lauded novel The Da Vinci Code – the portable vault is rumoured to have been inspired by the genius of Da Vinci himself.

The design is the result of a project between Segno, Pininfarina’s writing and accessories division, and students from the European Institute of Design in Turin, who were charged with conceiving an original object for a writer’s desk. Product design student Claudia Gentili created the original prototype.

The piece is, Pininfarina says, dedicated all fans of Brown’s bestselling book – “to those who love history, a tale made up of enigmas, quotes and, at the same time, artisan mastery and design”.

The coffer measures 300mm by 150mm, and stands 110mm high, with an overall weight of just over 2kg.

Codex is a limited edition of 500 numbered pieces, nodding to the anniversary of Da Vinci’s death.

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