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Does your home reflect who you are?

Some of the season’s most coveted designs for the home traverse well beyond concerns of form and function to deliver contemporary masterpieces where colour meets composition, and fantasy reigns

I was particularly inspired by the monolithic shapes of standing stones. The new part of the collection builds upon this theme. — Ini Archibong

Atelier Avéus by Morgane Roux

The French architect/designer and founder of Atelier Avéus reinterprets the space of the agency meeting room with a minimal, meditative conceptual project that translates well from the commercial to private sphere. Called The Symbolic Room, it’s a place created with the desire to be able to come together and find oneself in a space animated by archetypal images and symbolic objects: a sanctuary for introspection.

For this installation, Roux worked on reinterpreting every traditional element present in this space — the chair becomes a throne, the table an altar, the pendant lights a constellation, and so forth. 

The throne, inspired by the representations of symbolic icons, is a majestic seat that encapsulates important geometric volumes and a sculpted brass back with a large golden halo, while the altar consists of a glass base and a top created with a large elegant glass plate covered with hand-sculpted polystyrene. The lightness of the base highlights the contrast between the textural effect of the top and the sophistication of the structure. 

I was particularly inspired by the monolithic shapes of standing stones. The new part of the collection builds upon this theme. — Ini Archibong

Inspired by astral maps, the two pendant lamps of the constellation lights connect curved lines to luminous points obtained using opaline glass spheres. A bench and stool, meanwhile, become seats in rigid polystyrene, carved by hand for a rock-like textural effect. The space is finished with a wall-mounted circular rug, representing a picture depicting the aerial view of an unknown place.

In this minimalist but high-impact environment, the raw materials mix with the glossy finishes and give the room an extraordinary atmosphere, underlined by a strong use of the colour blue, symbolic of spirituality.

Masquespacio for Poggi Ugo

In a dialogue of mutual inspiration between past and present, the Valencian creative studio celebrates 100 years of the Italian furnace Poggi Ugo with a collection reimagining terracotta and its use.

Through Land, a site-specific installation curated by Valentina Guidi Ottobri, Masquespacio explores the objects that animate our daily life and the endless possibilities of experience and interpretation hidden within them. It presents a landscape that sprung countless metaphors — from visions of exotic lands and the continuous rebirth of man’s connection to earth to a theatre of postmodern elements, fragrant elixirs and urban metalwork. 

Some 19 new pieces including vases, screens and décoratifs author a new chapter in the storied history of one of Italy’s most important and oldest furnaces.

The Haas Brothers for L’Objet

For the American home accessories brand, Los Angeles-based artists Simon and Nikolai Haas have dreamt up an otherworldly family of limited-edition and numbered tableware, home décor, textiles and home fragrance (pictured left) inspired by the landscape of Joshua Tree National Park. 

The collection features fine porcelain, earthenware and brass with 24K gold accents — all handcrafted, with textures distinctive of the Haas twins’ work. Hand-carved scales, porcelain fur and extravagant gold horns add a whimsical, organic touch and distinct personalities to everyday objects. 

To create this collection, the design team at L’Objet worked on a series of shapes for scale and function, which the brothers used as canvases for their creative fantasies. The production process married 3D printing with the delicacy and artisanal quality of handcrafting.;

L’Ombre by Atelier Février 

The fascinating realms of light and shadow inform the latest collection by the French rug company founded by real-life partners Florian and Lisa Mukhia Pretet. 

Coming from different cultural and professional backgrounds — Frenchman Florian is a graduate of the Parisian fashion design school Studio Berçot, while Lisa, who was born and raised between Darjeeling and Kathmandu (where the rugs are also hand-knotted), is a keen entrepreneur with a strong love for fashion and craft — their work draws on both contemporary creative expression and traditional crafts upheld generation after generation. 

Depth, texture and a natural propensity for the optical illusion exemplified by its namesake, the Nautilus rug is a worthy hero of the new collection.

Ini Archibong for Sé Collection

Referencing the eternal interplay between heaven and earth, Below the Heavens made perfect sense when it was time for Archibong to name his 22-piece collection for the European furniture brand. Presented in two series, the first found its inspiration in the celestial, while the latest is more terrestrial and monumental. 

“Here, I was particularly inspired by the monolithic shapes of standing stones,” says Archibong. 

The new pieces are statuesque and mature, achieving a harmonious balance in a manner than signals the coming of age of a collection that was first introduced in 2018. The centrepiece is the new curvaceous Oshun sofa that is all at once romantic, luxurious and industrial. “It’s a bit like a grounded cloud. I think of it as a seat for reposing, thinking and fantasising — a place for personal escape.”;

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