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Roger Federer has a new partner

It’s Virgil Abloh. And they are now part of Team Rimowa

The campaign was filmed on three different continents by five different film directors, meaning each brand ambassador has their own film.

It could be the making of a new Kenneth Williams film. With less slapstick. Fewer smiles. And no Dame Barbara Windsor: Carry On Roger. For that, through this rather convoluted and specific ‘60s reference, is what luxury luggage brand Rimowa have come up with. Roger Federer fronting their carry on and check-in luggage bags in a short ad-film. Not forgetting Virgil Abloh — the guy that created that $1,000 transparent carry-on luggage case with Rimowa — is also part of the cast, and has his own short ad-film.

And that’s what we have: Roger Federer and Virgil Abloh have teamed up, along with three other big name co-stars, to bring Rimowa’s first integrated global campaign to life on the screen in a series of mini ad-films. The campaign will feature on paid and owned social and digital channels.

The 20-time grand slam tennis champion and the revered artistic director at Louis Vuitton are part of the star-studded line-up fronting the luxury luggage company’s 120th anniversary.

As far as celebrity endorsements go, Rimowa have hit something of a forehand winner, here.

The campaign was filmed on three different continents by five different film directors, meaning each brand ambassador has their own film.

Federer, who plays tennis across at least four different continents every year, and Abloh, who will travel to each and every fashion hotspot on the planet throughout the year, will get plenty of eyeballs on the brand as they pass through various global checkpoints. And for the 37-year-old Swiss tennis superstar it’s the start of a two year deal.

The campaign was filmed on three different continents by five different film directors, meaning each brand ambassador has their own film. Roger Federer’s film was shot and directed by Karim Huu Do.

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The short ad-film features a real-life childhood conversation between Roger Federer and his father at the moment of young Roger’s first trip to Zurich.

You can imagine a dubbed voice over — if there was one — playing out something like young Roger saying, “It’s a dream of mine that one day I’ll be the brand ambassador for a luxury travel brand. It would also be nice to be the world’s greatest tennis player. But let’s get our priorities straight.”

Meanwhile, Virgil Abloh’s film is directed by Dexter Navy and presents an artful visualization of a recorded phone conversation with Abloh’s aphorisms on travel.

According to a Rimowa press release, “A select cast of global  cultural  icons,  all  of  whom  are  long-time  Rimowa  owners  and  advocates,  celebrate  the  collective  mind-set  that  has  made  them  who  they are  – a  fundamental  belief  that  mastery  is  a  never-ending  journey  and  that  no  one  builds  a  legacy  by  standing  still. 

“The campaign is a  celebratory  declaration  of  Rimowa's  ethos  and  its  role as  the  resilient  companion  for  a  lifetime  of  purposeful  journeys.”

Suffice to say that Rimowa is banking on the international prestige and influential prestige of this 21st century figureheads to promote the brands across borders.

Model, spokesperson  and  activist,  Adwoa  Aboah,  international  chef,  businessman  and  restaurateur,  Nobu  Matsuhisa,  and  Dior  Men’s  jewellery  designer, and  founder  and  creative  director  of  Ambush,  Yoon Ahn have all also lent their names and images to the brand for the campaign.

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