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Muhammad Ali Perfumes come to the UAE

Fragrance collection inspired by Ali’s life-long affinity with the number 7 available in Legend and Legacy lines

The most charismatic boxer of all time revered for his lightening quick gloves and quicker wit has had a perfume range released in his name.

Available in the UAE from Paris Gallery outlets from June, the Muhammad Ali Perfume collection is split into two categories — Legend and Legacy. Between the two lines, seven different and distinctive fragrances have been created in homage to Ali’s connection with the number 7 (the round in which he won the majority of his fights).

Rounds 6 and 7 — the Oud Legacy scents — have been specially manufactured for the Middle East region. 

Talking to Debonair at an exclusive event to officially launch the fragrances in the region, Robert Hatefi, Founder and Chairman of BDI Innovations — the company releasing the Ali fragrance line — said the journey from conception to creation and release has been over eighteen months in the making.

Fighting Fit


Q82 Short Sleeve Crew Neck White
AED 249.00


Track Pant Grey Melange
AED 364.00


Sweat Top Grey Melange
AED 364.00


Primo Flamma
AED 1,400.00

“Very few brands have such a legendary story associated with them. This fragrance line is about connecting people with a legend, someone who everybody loved, and no one ever had a bad thing to say about.

“We wanted to bottle that amazing connection Ali had with people all over the world and produce a unique, luxury scent,” Hatefi said.

It’s a fragrance and image that doesn’t hold any punches. Each Ali-inspired fragrance is named after a different round — from one to seven. And the bottles are fashioned after Ali’s boxing gloves, and carry his signature across the glass design.

The Legend collection comes in a silver, glass boxing glove bottle with black, blue and white lacing, and comes in three versions:

  • Round 1 (Bergamot, Baies Rose, Marine Lavender and Lily).
  • Round 2 (Mandarin, Pink Pepper and Pineapple) and
  • Round 3 (Coriander, Rose, Tonka Bean, Vetiver and Vanilla).

Legacy: Round 1

The Legacy collection comes in a golden, glass boxing glove bottle with red and black lacing, and is available in two versions:

  • Round 4 (Citrus, Iris, Lavender, Cedar and Amber)
  • Round 5 (Nutmeg, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Vetiver).

Legacy: Round 4

The Legacy Oud collection comes in a pearl white glass boxing glove bottle with white and gold lacing. Legacy Oud is the intense, woody and amber fragrance of the brand and its two versions are:

  • Round 6 (Oud, Pear, Raspberry, Cassis and Orange Blossom) and
  • Round 7 (Rose, Pepper, Coffee, Incense, Sandalwood and Amber).

Legacy Oud: Round 7

Muhammad Ali, formerly known as Cassius Clay, died in 2016 at the age of 74 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. But the release of the Muhammad Ali Perfumes seeks to revive the spirit of one of the most celebrated sportsmen in history.

So, should you wish to spray like a butterfly and smell like a bee (or just appear as a dapper youg man with a fresh scent about you), you know which knock-out fragrance you need to get your gloves on from this June.

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