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Five Places to See Before You Turn 30

The Debonair guide to hitting the world before the world hits you

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world - Gustav Flaubert

Here’s a fun fact for you: exploring the world and experiencing cultures from across the planet is the best way to enrich your life, broaden your mind and become and all-round better bloke. There is no disputing that. Not even the pedants at can raise any valid objections to that. 

While there really isn’t an expiry date for experiencing what the world has to offer you, there are some places and experiences that are best indulged in during your prime years — basically before you hit the big 3-0. 

From big party nights, and tucking into indigenous cuisines to free falling from the sky at terminal velocity, there is so much to do out there in the big wide world, that we’ve whittled some of the best things to do for you. You’re welcome.

#1. Dance the night away: Ibiza

When it comes to raving until the sun comes up, getting on the shots and killing it on the dance floor, Ibiza is the one for you. While there are many islands that promise the party lover a wonderland of sun, sea, dancing and frolicking, Ibiza takes it to a whole other dimension.

From June through to October, big name DJs are often found working the decks from David Guetta to Martin Garrix. As such, the White Isle becomes a bon vivant’s paradise: It heaves with hedonistic party and pleasure seekers from all over the globe.

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world - Gustav Flaubert

More than 3.2 million people flocked to Ibiza last year, according to the Balearic Statistics Institute; there’s a good reason it’s so popular.

Outlandish pool and beach parties are par for the course here. The carefree, heavy dance-floor beat that reverberates through the island, makes it an ideal spot for millennials looking to let loose. 

A personal tip from us to you (again, you’re welcome): Nikki Beach encapsulates everything that the 18-30s crowd revere about Ibiza. From ladies nights (Girl Pwr) on Tuesdays to the Sintillate Pool Party on Thursdays and then into the Fiesta Friday (from 11am to the early hours), there’s so much partying going on the days just roll into one big mammoth blow out.

A Debonair word of warning: clear your schedule for at least a week after you get home. You’ll need the recovery time!

Ibiza Checklist

Taylor Morris

Zero, Brown and black tortoise shell frame with hunter green lenses.
AED 885.00

Thomas Royall

California butterfly ‘luca’ shorts
AED 425.00


Q82 Short Sleeve Crew Neck White
AED 249.00

Anchor & Crew

Grey Dash Severn Bracelet
AED 160.00

#2. Skyfall: South Africa

Here’s another fact: every one of us has a bit of an adrenaline junkie in him. ( might dispute this one. But it’s largely factual, based on scientific stuff).

It’s also scientifically proven — owing to research conducted by the Debonair Institute for Travel Research — that your twenties is the best time to unleash your inner adrenaline monster.

And there’s no better way to let the monster out than with a bungee jump or a death-defying skydive. (Not scientifically researched. Yet.) But if you take our advice here, you should also take our well-heeled advice and head to South Africa for the ultimate in crazy jumping off bridges and out of planes stuff.

Victoria Falls, Zambia is where you need to be head to experience bungee jumping and sky diving at its most nerve-wracking and best. Check out Skydive Africa for the best extreme sports packages: everything from accommodation and car hires to your extreme activities.

Trust us: the sweaty palms, last minute nerves, the voice in your head going ‘what was I thinking?!’ and the prolonged of sitting on a random guy’s lap for ten minutes is all worth it once you jump out of that airplane and experience life at its most terrifying and affirming.

Adventure Checklist


Q82 Short Sleeve Crew Neck White
AED 249.00

Mocha Salt

City Shorts 6 Inseam Linen -Black
AED 550.00


TSUGI Jun Gray Violet-QUIET SHADE-Puma W
AED 590.00

Taylor Morris

Explorer, Brushed matte silver frame with Oxford Blue CR39 lenses.
AED 665.00

#3. One with Nature: Costa Rica

Breath-taking waterfalls. Tropical rainforests. Relaxing beaches. And the staggering diversity of wildlife species: Costa Rica has it all. It is a nature lover’s paradise.

You have never really experienced Mother Nature until you have taken a walk through the lush rainforests and filled your lungs with that rich, earthy scent and submerged your body under the picturesque waterfalls.

Why are we suggesting you do this before 30 comes around? Well, unless you defy convention (and we’re aware there are plenty of you out there), as you surpass your 30th year, you would be doing all of this awesome outdoorsy stuff with a papoose, a rampant toddler and a wife (or girlfriend) asking you to hold her bag while she navigates the craggy rocks of the great outdoors in her high-heels. While this might be a gross exaggeration, the point is this: take this chance before you’re laden with dad obligations.

Costa Rica is also famous for its zip line adventure tours — also a great way to see the abundance of greenery and forestry around you.

Be sure to check out to book a tour and get the best out of your trip to the glorious Central American country. Also home to a number of volcanoes, Arenal in particular, Costa Rica is the perfect place to get some snapshots for your travel blog or landscape portfolio. Maybe even a few unfiltered Instagram clicks — bound to score high with likes (winky face ;)).

Nature Checklist


Short Sleeve Riviera Polo Navy
AED 327.00

Timothy Everest

Bomber Jacket
AED 2,925.00


TSUGI Netfit HAN Asphalt
AED 630.00

Taylor Morris

Saratoga, Black tortoise shell frame with blue columbia lens
AED 560.00

Babette Wasserman

Harness Bracelet, Brown - Steel, Leather
AED 390.00

Babette Wasserman

Harness Bracelet, Brown - Steel, Leather
AED 390.00

#4. Feed Me ‘Til I’m Full: Marrakech

The way to our hearts is through our stomachs: yes, it’s a cliché, but like all good clichés, they it’s remarkably true. And if you have the get up and go to get yourself to Marrakech, you’ll fall in love.

Before that dreaded dad-bod metabolism kicks in and sends everything south, including those washboard abs, now is the time to gorge on foot-long kebabs and a 100g filet steaks washed down with 20 lamb cutlets. For one particular fine dining experience in Morroco, head to Riad Kniza. You must also — if you’re staying somewhere you can cook — buy fresh produce from the Moroccan souks, take them back to your place and whip up a storm.

Aside from the delectable food, the country is also full of cultural curiosities. In the evenings, tourists gather around snake charmers and the musicians to get a glimpse of the country’s rich and diverse culture while tasting the variety of Moroccan street food delicacies from night stalls.

Foodie Checklist

Richard James

Trousers Stretch Cotton Twill
AED 925.00

Timothy Everest

White Short Sleeve Pop Over Shirt
AED 600.00

Bennett Winch

AED 2,799.96

Duke + Dexter

Wolf Suede - Blue/Grey
AED 1,200.00

Babette Wasserman

Devil Bracelet, Black - cord & stainless steel
AED 390.00

Finlay & Co

Bowery Tortoise - Grey 2 56.00
AED 685.00

#5. That’s Amore: Rome 

Why Rome? Because Venice and Paris are the obvious choices. You can guarantee you’ll be dragged to either the French capital or the canalled ‘city of love’ by your other half at some stage. It’s inevitable. So Rome is the one for us. And you.

As you near the age of 30 (or you’re still hopefully and hopelessly swiping left and right) and you haven’t settled down, chances are you’re going to be wondering in search of the four-letter-word.

The home of the Latin Lovers is the place to find Cupid with his bow highly-strung, clutching the arrow you’re after.

Lover's Checklist

Timothy Everest

Windsor Jacket
AED 2,350.00

Richard James

Contemporary Shirt Self Spot
AED 700.00

Finlay & Co

Bowery Black - Grey lens
AED 685.00

Duke + Dexter

Black Tassel
AED 1,200.00

The Italian capital is full of romantic escapes, countless couples so in love and of course, amazing food. And even as a singleton here, you’re never out of luck — that swipe-left, swipe-right app has made the beautiful and the out-of-love so accessible these days that you’ve always got a chance of bumping into the one here, whether through cyberspace or on a long romantic walk through the Coliseum.

Hotel d’Inghilterra offers the international travelling elite a truly magical and luxurious experience.

It is a staple for couples to toss coins into the Trevi fountain for good luck, and Rome is also a popular honeymoon destination. This city oozes love, romance and gorgeous destinations (not to mention the many, many beautiful women).

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