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Zegna: When Javier Bardem met Dev Patel

Aristic director Alessandro Sartori and filmmaker-photographer Craigh McDean capture the leading men in their stylish games

Sporty, chic lines, warm spring tones, khaki, beige, navy and off-white hues represent a clean, elegant and minimalist collection for Ermenegildo Zegna’s latest designs. The dapper and cool pieces highlight the brands ‘Defining Moments’ campaign with two new protagonists starring in the ad, Spanish actor Javier Bardem and the young English talent Dev Patel. They follow on from the global multichannel initiative that was first introduced with actor Robert De Niro in Spring/Summer'17.

Whimsically shot in the hills of Los Angeles, where internationally acclaimed film-maker and photographer Craig McDean transforms candid moments between the two award-winning actors into a heartfelt union of kindred spirits. The actors playfully joke about the art of sport between golf and rugby.

The Spanish star begins the conversation asking Patel, “How can a grown man like you like hitting tiny balls around.” Patel replies, “Hey dude that’s great skill in the game.” Bardem sarcastically adds, “I know I like sports where you feel blood running through your veins my friend…rugby is a sport, golf is a game, that’s the difference.”

English actor, Patel challenges him to a swing and surprisingly the Latino stud looks like a pro, with the ball going straight down the fairway for 400 yards. Patel questions if he’s ever played golf before and Bardem answers, “no.” The lighthearted banter ends with Patel saying, “It’s just a game man. It’s just a game.”

The evolution of the ‘Defining Moments’ concept moves the focus from past to present, highlighting the simple everyday moments that occur in our lives which make us smile. Both actors enjoy the transparency of their lively comradery and friendship, embracing each moment with positive energy through a conversation that is free and real. Reminding us that today’s moments become the precious memories of tomorrow, so we should be mindful to enjoy the now.

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