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A curated selection of brands and products that appeal to the Debonair man. Whether you're looking for statement items or staples, we've got you covered.

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OOTD: Picture Perfect

Looking for a new dapper outfit for the beach, office or weekend? We’ve got some stylish, new collection options to get your hands on

A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. ~Charles Spurgeon

We all love some useful style tips. Here are a selection of timeless, seasonal pieces to try and buy.

Thomas Royall Barcelona swimwear are a classic for men - the retro prints will stand the test of time. Duke & Dexter camo loafers are ideal for casual weekends, but they also look sharp on a Code of London suit. But wherever you go, make sure you keep understatedly groomed with these array of products.

A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. ~Charles Spurgeon

1. Code of London waistcoat
2. Duke & Dexter Plain Collection Buoyant Blue loafers
3. Hook LDN Blitz tort on orange sunglasses
4. Babette Wasserman Balloon Rabbit cufflinks
5. Timothy Everest notebook 
6. Peckham Rye Skull tie
7. Czech & Speake travel safe nailcare kit

Mix and Match

Peckham Rye

Skull tie-burgandy
AED 290.00

Duke + Dexter

Linen Collection - Navy Linen
AED 800.00

Babette Wasserman

Balloon Rabbit Cufflinks, Rhodium - Base Metal, Rhodium Plated
AED 340.00

Hook LDN

Blitz tort on orange
AED 650.00

1. Thomas Royall Rain Forest swimwear
2. Duke & Dexter Camo Collection, Urban Camo loafers
3. V76 By Vaughn Smooth Shave Cream
4. Mr Natty Sky Rocket beard comb
5. Anchor & Crew Yellow Dash Falmouth bracelet
6. Brooklyn Grooming Anchor classic beard oil

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Duke + Dexter

Camo Collection - Urban Camo
AED 900.00

Thomas Royall

Rain forest ‘luca’ shorts
AED 425.00


Smooth Shave Cream
AED 85.00

Anchor & Crew

Yellow Dash Falmouth Bracelet
AED 324.00

1. Thomas Royall Barcelona swimwear
2. Sunspel Q82 short sleeve crewneck T-shirt
3. Duke & Dexter Linen Collection loafers
4. Timothy Everest cotton and cashmere knitted polo shirt
5. Taylor Morris Saratoga II marble frame sunglasses.
6. Mr Natty wash bag
7. Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge travel shave set
8. V76 By Vaughn hair and scalp tonic
9. V76 By Vaughn facial moisturiser 
10. Haeckels exfoliating seaweed block
11. V76 By Vaughn ultralight hold grooming cream
12. V76 By Vaughn Clean Shave hydrating gel cream

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Thomas Royall

Barcelona beach ‘luca’ shorts
AED 425.00

Duke + Dexter

Linen Collection - Grey Linen
AED 800.00


Q82 Short Sleeve Crew Neck DENIM BLUE
AED 249.00

Czech & Speake

Oxford & Cambridge Travel Shave Set
AED 675.00

1. Timothy Everest cotton and cashmere knitted polo shirt
2. Bow-Tie Parker loafers 
3. Code of London Soho single breasted suit
4. V76 By Vaughn beard oil  
5. Mr Natty Face Forest Soap 
6. Mr Natty  beard brush
7. Code of London Soho waistcoat
8. Guards of London unlined Mac
9. Elliot Rhodes belt

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Timothy Everest

Navy Cotton/Cashmere Knitted Polo Shirt
AED 575.00


Parker - Repello Nut
AED 825.00

Code of London

Soho light brown 'self fabric' waistcoat
AED 675.00

Guards of London

Khaki Unlined Mac
AED 1,600.00

1. Timothy Everest lightweight bomber jacket
2. Koio Primo Flamma trainers
3. Elliot Rhodes suede belt
4. Hook LDN Juke sunglasses in blue
5. Timothy Everest lightweight cotton and cashmere short-sleeve polo shirt
6. Timothy Everest X Fullcount jeans
7. Mr Natty Save Ya Own Skin moisturising butter
8. Brooklyn Grooming old school pomade
9. Mr Natty pomade wax
10. V76 By Vaughn exfoliating facial cleanser

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Primo Flamma
AED 1,400.00

Hook LDN

Juke suns blue
AED 699.00

Timothy Everest

Bomber Jacket
AED 2,925.00

Mr Natty

Save Ya Skin (saveskin)
AED 95.00

1. Emmett London Pink Pinpoint shirt
2. Brooklyn Grooming Fort Greene classic beard oil
3. V76 By Vaughn Tex Texture Paste
4. Sunspel Q82 short sleeve crewneck T-shirt
5. Bow-Tie Burton box calf leather loafers
6. Timothy Everest X Fullcount jeans
7. Code of London Mayfair waistcoat
8. Elliot Rhodes belt
9. Hook LDN Juke sunglasses in crystal grey
10. Comme Les Loups Blue Moon pocket square 

All available on

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Emmett London

Casual Shirt
AED 650.00


Q82 Short Sleeve Crew Neck White
AED 249.00

Comme Les Loups

Pocket Square Blue Moon
AED 280.00

Elliot Rhodes

Mock Croc Calves Leather Belt- Black
AED 575.00

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