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It’s in the bag

Bennett Winch, British creators of masterfully crafted men’s accessories, know it’s what’s inside that counts

What with day-to-day life daring us to accomplish more in less time and often purposing  us with increasingly motile activity, it is commonplace to feel rather challenged. Let it be made clear, however, that he who dares, wins. It’s quite conceivable then that to dare to accomplish one’s daily duties and succeed in doing so with gusto hinges almost entirely upon never finding oneself ill-equipped.

A perceptive choice of the accessories to be aptly equipped with is a major factor in ensuring this. While the very term accessory has for some time meandered between the aesthetically effective and the practically proactive, in menswear only craftsmanship which shows an understanding of both really wins out. These are the kind of accessories that offer a valid use and versatility as a style-conscious adjunct to formalised appearance.

This year has seen Bennett Winch commendably launching their take on a signature line of Modern British Classics.

The brand currently creates contemporary men’s accessories with the utmost competence. Doing so since 2014 by emphasising that high-quality production should be supported by measured design, hard-wearing construction and finally, refined aesthetics, their signature is one of discerning attention to detail. This year has seen the brand commendably launching their take on a signature line of Modern British Classics that they deem menswear deserving of in a more design-led form. Complete with exquisite detailing led by tradition, each and every bag from the line is put together in England. Thus casting themselves as proponents of the recent movement in British manufacturing highlighting a demand for investing in a timeless product crafted with more consideration, each bag is defiantly built to last. Proving their aims furthermore, the team acts together as somewhat of a tour de force at every stage of development in dulling the lustre fast fashion feigns. Making it clear therefore that a product is able to make a style statement that also lasts.

Get yours

Bennett Winch

AED 1,500.00

Bennett Winch

AED 3,250.00

Bennett Winch

AED 2,200.00

Bennett Winch

AED 6,000.00

The activity involved in the dedicated development process is commenced and completed in Bennett Winch’s London design studio, headed up by creative director Rupert Shreeve. Tasked with continually pushing the brand’s already admirable ethos in ever pioneering directions, Shreeve also oversees that each product put out ticks the boxes that bridge absolute functionality and prepossessing styling. The all-important fabrication takes place in one of Britain’s oldest workshops where the bags are handmade to the most exacting standards. These require the specific use of carefully selected and distinctively designed materials, such as solid brass hardware welded in London and giving bags a uniquely elegant fortification. Crucially, the understated bulk of bags is requiring of British dyed and bonded 24oz waterproof canvas upheld by military grade webbing and full-grain, all-natural vegetable tanned leather, set superlatively to compliment every other component and vice versa.

Catering to the active gent who holds tradition in far higher esteem than trending whims and fancies in luxury menswear, Bennett Winch’s Modern British Classics range offers four varying types of covetable bag styles. Each style, defined by its own unique features concealed inside and scarcely flaunted in any way, shape or form, is best suited to meet a bevy of varying needs. This key appeal is in the versatile durability of a detachable waterproof compartment, the added convenience of a padded laptop pocket and in the ingenuity of a compressed compartment section specifically allotted to housing shoes in both exterior ends of the weekender bag. All this function is encased within the deal-breaking cotton canvas, which at 24oz, transudes sumptuousness to the brushed finish touch. The strengthened bond of a doubled layer of the cotton will also ensure next to nothing, especially in liquid form, infiltrates the inspired insides.  

The full range comprises in the masterfully conceived glory of a tasteful tote, a commuter, a purposeful backpack and the weekender. The Bennett Winch Tote presents a more stocky study on the classic tote. Minimal in its essential use, as is to be expected of a tote, it makes for an serviceable asset for the everyday with the feature of a padded laptop compartment and phone pocket. The Commuter bases itself on the classic duffle bag in form without any of the more fussy elements added unnecessarily to its exterior. Its interior offers a smart setup of pockets and compartments for different belongings. An ideal holdall all round on this account, for overnight stay or weekend jaunt, it gives peace of mind in the knowledge that all the essentials are kept separate whilst on the move. Their Backpack is the best choice when it comes to those days that delineate the appropriate use of a backpack. A sleek slimmed-down silhouette is quite the plus yet again manages to conceal the impetrative laptop padding and waterproofed compartment, along with the addition of other helpful features such as a double-zip opening which easily allows for more seamless access.

 Bennett Winch’s signature bag, the Weekender, is created totally with travel in mind.

Intended to suavely supply for the weekend, it is thoughtfully structured inside and out though not to write-off it’s use over the course of an entire week, strategically packed. Kitted out to perfection it’s certainly the clear signature of an indispensable line of bags and exemplifies the entirety of a brand ethos on top. 

Bennett Winch’s well-devised reinterpretation of the classics executed true to revered tradition is materialised in every winning aspect of each bag in their latest line. A brand with a coherent vision of how to better the flow of men’s bag being put out there thanks to an unmatched know-how they have attracted particular interest from independent menswear stores in London. Stockists include Trunk Clothiers and Private White VC, the official stockist of the new line, located respectively in neighbouring Marylebone and Mayfair and evincing that Bennett Winch is suitably becoming a part of the fine-spun fabric of the central districts. The brightest sparks in bag making are poised to prosper in their natural habitat, a bustling area ruled entirely by the demands of the modern day-to-day we are all mutually privy to. 

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